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Best house-warming gifts

Best house-warming gifts

Moving houses is already a stressful experience. Now pair that with receiving zero useable gifts. Bland, generic gifts make their way into the cycle of being regifted with no end.

It is said that the best housewarming gift to give someone is something you would also need to be had you moved houses. While gifts for other occasions need to be carefully planned based on the recipient’s personal choices, there are only a few things you can give as housewarming gifts.

Here are a few of the best gifts you can give someone who just moved:

A plant

Plants are known to make any new living space instantly brighter. However, plants are also notorious for dying out fast. To counter this problem, you can present your friend with a money plant. Money plant, also known as the friendship plant, pancake plant, missionary plant, etc. is known for being extremely low maintenance.

The plant only needs to be kept in a bright room and its plastic plant pots to be filled with water occasionally. The plant will thrive in no time!

A screwdriver set

Not having the right screwdriver for a particular piece of furniture or electronic device is probably one of the most frustrating things a new homeowner can experience. Sometimes, despite owning multiple different screwdrivers, they end up getting lost in the chaos of a move.

Having an organized set that is convenient and can be used when caught in a pinch is one of the best feelings. For this reason, one of the most loved gifts you can give someone is an organized screwdriver set that they will cherish for the years to come.

A vacuum cleaner

The new living space won’t always stay clean. A vacuum cleaner is a particularly great gift for someone moving out of shared living space for the first time and doesn’t have everything they need.

There are countless different vacuum cleaners with different settings and functions so it’s best to do your research before making a purchase. Vacuum cleaners are one of those things that last for years if properly handled. Your best bet is that the recipient will think of you every time they clean their house!

A great knife

The first and most basic tool you need in a kitchen is a knife. With a range of knives available in the market, it can be difficult to pick out one that is reasonable and of good quality. However, a conversation with a salesman can help you pick out the best one for your price point. If in your budget, a great add-on would be a knife sharpener, so your knife is loved for a long.


Picking out a housewarming gift can be just stressful as the move, especially if there is no registry to refer to. With the gifts listed above, there is no way you can go wrong with them. These tools are appreciated and loved by every new homeowner and your gift is certainly going to make their day.


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