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Everything You Need To Know About Synthetic Hair

Everything You Need To Know About Synthetic Hair

Styling, washing, straightening and curling up your natural hair leaves a lot of damage. It can cause hair fall, dandruff, itching and loss of volume. Most people tend to use synthetic hair when styling hair. These come in forms of wigs, extensions and hair tinsels. You can use colourful wigs, ombre braiding hair and shiny tinsels. But even with synthetic hair, there are some rules on how to take care of them. Here is all you need to know about taking care of artificial hair and using them in your everyday routine.

Synthetic Hair Material

Artificial hair is made out of tons of material. These hair strands are produced using fibers that are mostly man made. It includes nylon, acrylics and various other types. Some wigs and extensions even use real human hair that has been donated by people for this cause. The synthetic fibres undergo numerous procedures to look and feel exactly like natural hair. If you buy a good hair extension, you will not be able to tell the difference between your natural hair and the fake hair. To match the same colour, fake hair can also be dyed.

Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair Extensions

In today’s world, it is not easy to tell the two apart. This is because fake hair has now reached a level of manufacturing that produces it exactly like real human hair. From a first look, it is very hard to distinguish if you are wearing synthetic hair or human hair.

One way you can tell these two apart is by noticing the colours. For artificial hair, there is no limit for colours. You can produce any type of coloured extensions, ombre braiding hair or even auburn hair strands. However, natural human hair have their specific colours. And to change that, dyeing them after they have been stitched into extensions in necessary. This creates a very slight but noticeable difference in the hues if you look closely.

Styling Synthetic Hair

It is easier to style fake hair. This is because the fibers tend to stay in place longer and do not require lots of effort. So you can curl your extensions and not worry about them getting loose through the day. Most of the times, you do not need lots of products like hair sprays or gels for synthetic hair. This is also a big plus point. Caring for these hair is also not difficult. You never have to worry about the colour of them fading or broken strands if you get a good synthetic extension from a reliable brand.


The issue arises if you are allergic to certain material used in synthetic hair extensions. If your head starts itching, getting rashes or bumps when you use artificial hair, stop using them and see a doctor as soon as possible. Use removable wigs and extensions before you decide to get them sewn in your hair temporarily. This is to test whether or not the chemicals in the strands irritate you at all. If so, it is best to switch towards human hair extensions.

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