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Helpful Content Update – Do SEOs Need To Worry?

Helpful Content Update – Do SEOs Need To Worry?

Many digital marketers are wary of any changes Google makes to its policies or algorithm. This is because even a minute alteration could render all their SEO efforts useless, and their SERP ratings plummet!

Therefore, most Search Engine Optimizers working in any SEO Service Company must stay vigilant as well as knowledgeable about any updates to the Google Search Engine Algorithm. Recently, one such update took the digital world by storm when it was announced on September 9th. This update was named the Helpful Content Update.

What Was The Helpful Content Update By Google?

Google wished to enhance its search engine algorithm to be able to carry out more efficient searches and connect its users to helpful information. Hence, Google aptly named this particular update the Helpful Content Update.

In contrast to material that is prioritized for search engines, Google’s Helpful Information Update emphasizes content that is user-first. It seeks to have information that isn’t unique, is of poor quality, or isn’t as relevant, so it performs poorly in search.

Consider web pages that compile material, write about subjects in which they lack knowledge, or claim to have certain kinds of information on the page title but don’t. There are plans to expand the upgrade to additional languages in the future, but for now, it will only affect English searches worldwide.

Helpful Content Update - Do SEOs Need To Worry?
Helpful Content Update – Do SEOs Need To Worry?

Top Things The Helpful Content Update Changed:

The helpful content update intends to better reward material where users believe they have had a pleasant experience; conversely, content that falls short of a user’s expectations will not do as well. Here are the top things they have altered within the search engine algorithm:

Yes To Authoritative Content:

After this update, authoritative content is required if you want to rank well on Google’s search engine results pages. In the shortest period of time possible, writers may now generate authoritative material of the highest caliber thanks to recent advancements in content analysis and optimization technologies. The blogs of your skilled writers are not taken away; rather, it enhances their content.

Most businesses concur that their goal for marketing objectives is to align it with the user experience. You shouldn’t have to worry if you are committed to achieving this objective and aren’t contributing to the content clutter.

No To Auto-Generated Content:

Long before emerging technologies that use AI to produce content that mirrors human-written text first appeared on the market a few years ago, the difficulty of scaling content production already existed.

To take advantage of it and create content at scale, several SEO agencies and SEO tools came to the area. Before it came along, corporate sites occasionally depended on “templated” material to provide ostensibly original content for hundreds of products or location pages, and many of them do. In particular, Google criticizes these methods.

The character and personality that the original material radiates are simply absent from generated stuff. Additionally, auto-generated material lacks a consistent brand voice. You shouldn’t be concerned as long as your material is original and not copied or AI-generated.

Yes To Sticky Content:

If the content is authoritative, helpful, and fulfills the searcher’s objectives, it should also be sticky, which means that your site visitors should really be consuming it for a while. Content which is not sticky is simple to spot. Certain metrics like time on page, bounce rate, and pages visited per session show that your users perceive the material to be valuable.

Google wants to do rid of click-bait content that doesn’t answer the questions of the users. In comparison to e-commerce, travel, IT, and other websites, this type of material are far more prevalent on publishing websites whose sole purpose is to generate impressions for advertising income.

No To Topic Irrelevant Content:

Topical relevance is the one factor that Google expressly mentioned twice in their explanation of this change. This does not represent Google’s attempt to caution companies against expanding their site taxonomy so that they can cover a new range of goods or services. Rather, it represents a gray area between what fits under and does not fall under the umbrella of a site’s subject relevance.

Only when content marketing teams attempt to broaden and advance further along the buyer’s journey, do they produce material that is unrelated to the subject. They stray from the subject so much that they fail to see how the information on their site relates to the reasons visitors come there.

Yes To Optimizing For Search Experience:

Thinking about SEO as search experience optimization is the best approach. The greatest way to succeed in organic search is to take a long-term, practical approach that prioritizes the experiences of your target audience.

Everything you do, including your services, support, training, and products, ought to be based on it. In contrast to utilizing SEO as just a tactical channel for merely capturing as much traffic as possible, mature corporate sites realize that search experience optimization matches their whole marketing strategy and offers far more value.

Helpful Content Update - Do SEOs Need To Worry?
Helpful Content Update – Do SEOs Need To Worry?

What Does This Means For Search Engine Optimizers?

In conclusion, this modification will surely impact the ability of your site to rank if your content isn’t very useful, even if it only makes up a small portion of your website.

Don’t blindly delete stuff at random, though, if you suspect that it may be low-value. Conduct a content audit instead, focusing on pages with high traffic but poor interaction and a high bounce rate. This is a fantastic place to begin.

Avoid making any abrupt decisions if your overall approach is focused on assisting your target audience through high-quality content created for people. Monitoring your statistics and calculating the impact is quite possibly the best thing you can do right now.

Aside from that, you can try to get in touch with an SEO Service Company to update your content according to this new Helpful Content Update, so your site rankings and click-through rates do not suffer!


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