15 sweet flower names for your baby

15 sweet flower names for your baby

Sweet flower names for your baby are always a good idea. Babies love flowers and they’re so cute! Here are some sweet flower names for your baby girl.

Baby’s first flower

A flower is a symbol of love, friendship and peace. It also represents beauty and hope. If you’re looking for a name that conveys these feelings, consider using the following:

  • The first letter “A” in many languages can be read as “love.” Use this instead of an initial like S or M (or any other common initial). This way your child will always know what they’re getting themselves into when they hear their name!
  • Another idea is using the word “peace” as part of the name itself—such as Peaceflower or Peacechild!


Daisy is a flower. It’s also a sweet name for your baby girl, and it means “little daisy.” The name sounds like “delys” or “dahlia,” which are both flowers with pretty names. The spelling variations of this flowery name include Delys and Dahlia; either one works just fine!


Lily is a flower name for your baby girl that’s both sweet and pretty. The lily is one of the most popular flowers in the world, with its delicate petals and fragrant blooms. It’s also known for its ability to bloom through winter cold weather and will grow year-round indoors or outside if you live in cold climates!

Lilacs are grown as ornamentals but can be found as well in gardens and parks across America – especially around Easter time when they bloom alongside tulips (another popular flower name). This makes it easy to find them at local nurseries or even at farmer’s markets where they sell their produce directly from farms without having any middlemen involved.


Rose is a beautiful flower that represents love, friendship, beauty and hope. It’s also a symbol of peace and unity.


Chrysanthemum is a flower and perennial herbaceous plant native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. The name “chrysanthemum” comes from Greek words meaning gold and lily, which are both features of this popular flower.

Cyclamen (Greek)

Cyclamen is a genus of flowering plants in the family Primulaceae, native to the Mediterranean region. The genus is named after the Greek word cyclamos, meaning “sweet”.

Violet (French)

Violet is a beautiful purple flower, and it’s also one of the most popular flowers in the world. It has been used as a symbol of love and romance since ancient times. The Greeks called violets “Violet-Straw,” because they were thought to have come from the underworld when their flowers bloomed at night. In ancient Rome, violets were believed to be sacred because they had been given by Apollo himself!

This flower represents purity, innocence, sadness…and so much more! If you’re looking for an idea for your sweet baby girl or boy name? Try Violet—she’ll appreciate all that this special flower can mean for her future!

Tulip (Dutch)

Tulips are a common flower that you see everywhere. They’re even in the flowers of your favorite stuffed animal! So why not name your baby one of the most famous blooms?

Tulips are symbols of spring, love, beauty, and joy. Each petal represents something different about being a parent—from being a parent at all (to meeting new people) to raising children into adulthood (to watching them grow). Today I want to focus on the first two parts: how does having babies make us feel?

The first thing we notice about ourselves when we become parents is that our bodies change drastically over time. Our hair grows shorter; our skin becomes wrinkled; we gain weight around our middle; sometimes even their feet get bigger than mine! But these changes aren’t always bad…they just mean that now more than ever before there’s something else going on inside me too–a sense of purpose or meaning behind everything I do each day…and yes–even when things aren’t going well with my own life right now either.”

Gerbera daisy, Daisydes. (Japanese)

Gerbera daisy is a popular flower name for baby girls. It’s also the name of a Japanese folktale about a princess who was abandoned by her parents, but she found love with another prince who rescued her from poverty.

The name has been around since at least 1838 and was popularized by its use in the children’s book The Little Princess (1875), which also inspired two Disney movies: The Story Of Cinderella (1917) and Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (1950).

As well as being used for girls, you may want to consider using this moniker if you’re looking for something unique or different on your son’s birth certificate—there aren’t many options!

These are some sweet flower names for your baby girl.

Flower names for your baby girl

These are some sweet flower names for your baby girl. Sweet flower names are great because they have an old-fashioned feel, but they also make a cute first name. Here’s a list of some of our favorite sweet flower names:

  • Daisy (daisy) – The daishies are all about simplicity and innocence, which makes them perfect for any little girl who wants to be the center of attention all the time! You can use this name as both a middle name and a last name.
  • Lily (lily) – The lilies are known worldwide as symbols of beauty and gracefulness; they’re also known as flowers with long stems that grow from bulbs underground instead of from seeds on top like most other plants do when they grow up above ground level like weeds do instead.”


The peony is a flowering plant that ranges from pink to purple, depending on the variety. It’s often called the “peach blossom” because of its delicate petals and bright color—and it even smells like a peach!

The peony has been used as an object of beauty for centuries. In China, where it’s estimated that there are over 10 million acres devoted to growing peonies each year, they’re considered something between art and food: They’re eaten fresh in springtime or dried for later use (they can also be ground into flour). And while some people think you need to have your wedding ceremony at night so your guests can see all those beautiful blooms glow in the moonlight…no one needs any excuse to create an atmosphere of romance around their wedding day!

In Japan , they’re known as “momo-kami”; this translates literally into English as “Mommy God” but could also mean “Mother Flower” if you wanted extra meaning behind those words . . .

In Korea , there’s even more variety available than just one flower: There are two other varieties called momoisu (or momo) which means “mommy” instead of “mother”—but both names refer back specifically toward women who gave birth out loud during times when silence was unacceptable; however today these terms seem less relevant than ever before since many people now choose not only friends but family members when getting married . . .


Orchid is a beautiful flower that symbolizes love, beauty, friendship and hope. It’s also an interesting name for your baby because it’s related to the word “orchis,” which means “testicle-shaped” in Greek (and yes—you can find testicles on an orchid).

Tasha Rose

Tasha Rose is a sweet flower name for your baby girl. The name Tasha comes from the Hebrew word meaning “majestic.” It’s also a variation of Catherine and Katie, but with less syllables. If you want to go more exotic, try naming her after one of the many beautiful roses growing in your backyard!

If you’re looking for something more classical but still unique, consider naming her after another popular flower in America—the rose! This is an especially good choice if you have picturesque gardens at home or anywhere else where there are lots of blooming flowers around; it will make them stand out even more than they already do!


Marigold is a yellow flower, which means it will bring warmth and comfort to your baby. It also symbolizes friendship, courage, loyalty, and trust. You can use the name “Marigold” to refer to your baby’s skin or hair color (for example: “I love how yellow her cheeks are!”).

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are a popular flower for baby girls, and they’re also known as “Butter and Eggs”. The name comes from the resemblance of their petals to those of an egg when viewed from above. These flowers are often used in wedding bouquets because they have long stems that can be wrapped around the neck of your little one!

Begonia Pansy

Begonia Pansy

If you’re looking for a flower name that will last forever, the begonia pansy is it. This plant has been around for thousands of years and can be found everywhere from your backyard to the grocery store. The name begonia comes from the Latin word “bego,” meaning “to grow.” The name pansy comes from Greek roots and means “little sweet one.” It’s also used as an alternate spelling for sunflower because they’re both yellow in color!


Bluebells are a symbol of peace. They’re also a symbol of friendship, loyalty, and love. If you want to name your baby after bluebells, choose one that’s meaningful to you in some way!


Sunflower is a plant that grows in the sun and is also a flower. It’s also a common name for the species Helianthus annuus.


We hope you found this list of sweet flower names for your baby girl helpful. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you and keep adding to our list.

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