5 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Beginners

5 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Beginners

Content runs the web. Whether running a blog or creating videos for the marketing campaign of a website, the only way you will make a positive impact is by the generation of quality content. For a blog, you need to upload blog posts featuring quality insights about the particular, while in the case of videos, you need to develop an impactful script.

Nevertheless, digital marketing, without any doubt, revolves around quality content. Quality content is the type of content that adds value to the life of the targeted audience, makes them aware of everything new happening around them, and looks unique to the audience and search engines. With the focus of search engines swiftly moving towards the content uploaded by various websites, it has become nearly impossible to use already published content repeatedly.

There is no way you can pick content from somewhere else and use it to benefit your website. You will end up facing severe penalties. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the published content. You just have to ensure that it is modified enough to look unique. It is only possible when you paraphrase the given content by changing its tone, altering voice, restricting sentences, and replacing synonyms in the content.

This entire process will take significant effort and time, which is impossible for writers and digital markers, especially beginners. However, there is a way out in the form of paraphrasing tools. Read on to know more:

List of Best Paraphrasing Tools

The best way to avoid plagiarism and provide your audience with unique content is by using an efficient paraphrasing tool. Often, beginners fail to differentiate between average rephrasing tools that simply change some words without caring about the context and efficient tools. We have come up with a list of some rephrasing tools to help you in this regard. Further details are given below:  

  • SmallSEOTools

You may know SmallSEOTools for numerous valuable tools available on this platform. However, it is worth mentioning that the paraphrase tool you will get to use here is also one of the best, as it takes the help of AI and an extensive synonym library to provide you with human-level paraphrasing output. A convenient interface and the ability to rephrase 2000 words in one go are its standout features that will perfectly fit the requirements of beginners. Moreover, it will surely give meaningful rewritten content that you can easily use on your website.

  • Quillbot

Whenever someone talks about efficient paraphrasing tools, you are sure to hear the name of Quillbot in the discussion as well. This rephrasing tool can do various things for you when it comes to paraphrasing. For example, it will change the tone of content to casual, informal, or story. Moreover, you can expand or shorten your content as well. It even allows you to control the density of replaced synonyms according to your requirements. However, you may have to subscribe it premium packages to use all its features.

  • RewriteGuru

The name of this tool suggests that it packs a lot of features that can help anyone, including digital marketing beginners. It offers a convenient interface with numerous features to help users rewrite article and get plagiarism-free content for their use. You can either use it for free or go premium. Nevertheless, the efficiency of this paraphrasing tool is exceptional. You can choose various paraphrasing modes, and above all, you can also paraphrase non-English content while using this tool.

  • Wordtune

The developers of this tool claim that it gives life to your thoughts, and we believe it to some extent. As soon as you paste a write-up on the blank screen of this tool, it will give you the option of rewriting the entire content, a particular portion, or even a single word. This option makes it relatively more accessible for users to rephrase the content according to their requirements. Moreover, they can make it sound casual or formal as well. This paraphrasing tool also allows users to shorten or expand the content.

  • CleverSpinner

The good news is this tool is not clever to the extent of its, but it comes up with clever solutions while paraphrasing content. It takes the help of advanced technologies to understand the content of a sentence, phrase, or paragraph first and then understand the meaning of the word used in it. This recognition helps it replace the word with a suitable synonym that perfectly fits the phrase’s meaning. Moreover, this paraphrasing tool has a built-in protocol to get the content approved by a renowned plagiarism checker for 100% satisfaction of users.

Ending the Discussion

With the increasing demand for quality content, digital marketers must create content that appears unique to the targeted audience and search engines alike. If you want to use already published content again, then make sure you use an efficient paraphrasing tool. We have discussed some exceptional tools above to help you in this regard. Hopefully, these tools will fit your requirements perfectly.

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