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8 Best Free Virtual Phone Number Providers – Which One Is Right For You?

8 Best Free Virtual Phone Number Providers – Which One Is Right For You?

Searching the Internet to find the best free virtual phone number providers? You’ve come to the right place! This review of eight of the best free virtual phone number providers highlights their features, costs and customer service, as well as how they compare to each other. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive virtual phone number that can work with any phone or need one that allows incoming calls from around the world, you’ll find an option to fit your needs in this list of free virtual phone number providers.

1) RingCentral

RingCentral is an amazing virtual phone number provider. They have a variety of features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and many others. RingCentral also has a great user interface that makes it easy to use and navigate. The only downside is that they have a monthly fee which can get expensive over time. However, the fee is quite low and worth the convenience.

2) Google Voice

Google Voice is a free virtual phone number service that can be set up in minutes. It’s completely free, but you will need to provide a mobile number from which calls will be forwarded to the Google Voice number. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll receive an automated call with instructions on how to access your new Google voice account. 

1) The first step is to enter your mobile phone number and wait for a call. When prompted by the automated system, enter the verification code given during the call and then follow the prompts on screen to complete setup of your account.

3) Grasshopper

Grasshopper is an all-in-one business phone system that lets you create a professional voice mail message, call forwarding, and voicemail. It also offers unlimited inbound and outbound calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Grasshopper runs on your computer or tablet and syncs with your desktop or mobile device to provide your company with 24/7 support no matter where you are. The service is always ready to go with just a few taps of the screen. Plus, Grasshopper is easy to use so anyone can get started right away.

4) Anveo

Anveo is a company that provides virtual phone numbers and related services. Customers have the option to use their Anveo number on any device and on any network without changing anything. Anveo offers their customers the ability to set up voicemail, send text messages, receive text messages, call forwarding, spam protection, call recording and much more. With Anveo’s easy-to-use interface you can register for service in under 5 minutes. Choose from an individual or business plan with packages starting at $5 per month for 100 minutes of calling time.

5) Guided Workplace

If you need a phone number for your business, but don’t want to be tied down to one physical location, then you might need a virtual number. This type of phone number can be used on any device and in any location as long as the internet is available. 8 Best Free Virtual Phone Number Providers – Which One Is Right For You? It all depends on your personal preferences and needs. Your best option will depend on where you live, what features are important to you, how much time and money you want to spend or if you’re looking for a business solution or not. Here are the top 8 free virtual phone numbers providers:


DIDWW provides a simple, yet powerful tool that enables customers to easily create phone numbers. The service is designed to be as flexible as possible and will work with any existing phone number or VoIP service that you may currently have. The only requirement is that there be a broadband internet connection.

A key advantage of DIDWW is the ability to make unlimited calls from the DIDWW number to any other numbers in the world for free. With this feature, customers can save money on international calling rates and take full advantage of their call minutes. It also allows them to bypass expensive international calling cards and pre-paid minutes packages.


If you want to be able to take and make calls from anywhere, but don’t want to pay for a traditional home phone line, a VoIP number may be the solution for you. With VoIP numbers, your calls will be routed through the internet (as opposed to with traditional landlines, which are carried over copper wire). VoIP numbers come in different forms: some are paid services that charge an added monthly fee, while others are free of charge. Here is a list of the 8 best free virtual phone number providers on the market.

8) Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a multi-purpose VoIP service with unlimited inbound calls, free US and Canada outbound calls, and no limits on the number of simultaneous connections. Along with the phone service, they offer a video chat service and mobile app that allows you to stay connected virtually anywhere. Talk Fusion’s comprehensive suite of features makes it one of the best options for small businesses looking to grow their customer base without breaking their budget. 

Talk Fusion offers many features that make it easy to start growing your business. With Talk Fusion, you can create separate phone numbers for each department or client so that you can easily manage conversations by call type or relationship.

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