Amazon Prime Day 2022: Schedule, Deals, and What to Expect

Amazon Prime Day 2022: Schedule, Deals, and What to Expect

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is the event for shopping that millions of shoppers are waiting for. Amazon Prime Day 2022 is an e-commerce event that will be celebrated by the event around mid-July, but it will announce schedules and teasers in advance.

In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was moved from October. Then, in 2021 the date was changed to June. In the year ahead, Amazon will return to its origins and return Prime Day to July.

Schedule of Amazon Prime Day 2022

As per CNET, Amazon did not reveal the schedule fixed for the upcoming Prime Day, but the retailer did confirm that the event was scheduled to take place. To provide an understanding of how the Prime Day schedule normal Prime Day is set The following dates of the previous years:

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Amazon Prime Day 2015 took to be celebrated on July 15 as well. Prime Day 2016 happened on July 12. For 2017, Prime Day was celebrated on July 11 and 12 July. This tradition was carried on as Prime Day took place on July 16 and 17. The year 2019 saw the first Prime Day. Prime Day happened on July 15 and 16.

in 2020 Amazon Prime Day was delayed because of the pandemic which was held on the 13th of October and October 14 in the same year. in 2021 Amazon relocated Prime Day to its earlier date which was June 21 until June 22.

The company that sells e-commerce usually operates on Tuesdays and Mondays or combinations of Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If this year’s forecast is true, Amazon is able to extend its summer schedule until mid-July, customers can anticipate that it will be held from July 11 and July 18, as per The New York Times.

What to Expect for Prime Day 2022

Amazon hasn’t announced the offers for the upcoming Prime Day, but if people follow Amazon’s guidelines that Amazon’s first-party devices from Echo speakers as well as Kindle readers will be available according to Laptop Mag.

The public can anticipate an Echo Dot 4th Gen, which is the company’s latest version of its Echo Dot. It is usually priced at $50, however, it was able to go down to $29 earlier.

Echo Show 5 may also be on the horizon. It is normally priced at $85, however, it was sold at an all-time low $45 in the past. You can expect Prime Day to bring a new low price for this device.

the Fire TV stick 4K typically retails for $50 before dropping to just $25 last year. It’s since reached $30 as a low price, and it’s nice to see the giant of online shopping become aggressive and promote this as the most reliable streaming stick choice for consumers on Prime Day.

Halo View Fitness Tracker is the newest model from Amazon. fitness tracker, which is currently sold for $80, but it is now $50 only once. Since last year’s sale, it’s been on sale two times with prices of $60 and $65 respectively.

Amazon Music may also go for sale. The usual price is $7.99 per month, however, Amazon typically has promotions that allow the trial to be extended to 3 months instead. month.

However the rate of inflation has reached its highest point this year, and it’s possible that consumers will not see such record-breaking price reductions.

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