Google tumhari shaadi ho gayi/? Google you got married

Google tumhari shaadi ho gayi/? Google you got married

Google tumhari shaadi ho gayi:- As you know, Google Assistant is a facility provided by Google itself, through which we can operate our mobile just by speaking and can also get many types of information. Can. But many people also ask strange questions to Google Assistant. Like Google tumhari shaadi ho gayi?

Nowadays this question is being asked by many people, so in today’s article we are going to answer this question in detail. If you also want to know whether Google is married or not, then you must read this article completely.

What is Google? (What is Google?)

Google is an apps type search engine on which we can get any kind of information. Google is an American multinational technology company, which provides services to its users through the Internet. Google is headquartered in California, which is located in America.

The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai. Google provides us many types of services which provide us many facilities related to work. Along with this, Google provides us all these services absolutely free of cost.

Every day 3:30 crore users search something or the other on Google. One of the four largest companies in the world.

What is Google Assistant? (What is Google Assistant?)

Google Assistant is a part of Google, through which we can get any kind of information just by speaking. Google Assistant also works like Google search engine.

Just as we get any kind of information by writing on Google, similarly we can get any kind of information by speaking on Google Assistant.

Apart from this, we can also operate our phone by speaking with Google Assistant. For example, if we want to play a song in our mobile, then we can ask Google Assistant to play that song. And Google Assistant plays that song for us.

Even if we are away from the mobile, we can start Google Assistant by saying OK Google and can open any app in our mobile and run it.

We can also do other tasks through Google Assistant


In today’s article we told you to Google tumhari shaadi ho gayi? The question has been answered. If you liked today’s article then please share it with your friends.


Question 1 – Will Google marry me?

Answer – Whenever a question is asked to Google, its answer is that I am not a human being, I am made of a whip! My relationships with humans are only those of a helper.

Question 2 – Google Baba when will I get married?

Answer – When Google asks this question, the answer comes that “When you asked, a song came to mind, “Kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahi, koi na koi to aayega, apna mujhe banega.”

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