Gramercy Park Dentist Practice Encourages Patients To Get Dental Care Back On Track

Gramercy Park Dentist Practice Encourages Patients To Get Dental Care Back On Track

Lux Smiles remained open during the COVID-19 outbreak in order for the patients to be treated. The practice encourages patients to return to regular dental hygiene and cleaning.

Lux Smiles is happy to announce that its staff of experts offers reduced prices to encourage patients to resume their regular dental and oral hygiene routines. This Gramercy Park dentist continued to treat patients throughout the COVID-19 restrictions. The downside of not treating oral issues frequently is that the delay in identifying and correcting issues can cause costly and lengthy procedures to become required.

A recent study conducted by the American Association of Endodontists showed that during the time of COVID-19 lockdowns, more than one-third of those who were surveyed had increased their consumption of sweets with sugar as snacks. 28 percent of respondents did not plan dental appointments plus more than one out of five didn’t brush every morning. More than that (23 percent) have stopped flossing. Six of ten respondents reported pain in their teeth that would not go away.

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Lux Smiles Lux Smiles professional team believes that taking care of your dental health goes beyond brushing and flossing. Patient education is an integral element of dental care. The Lux team is able to provide the most effective treatments and procedures in addition to providing patients with the education they require to make healthier and smarter decisions in their lives. The Lux team provides top-quality dental services that aid patients to achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. The team is dedicated to ensuring that every procedure is tailored to meet the specific needs of every patient.

The office has the latest technology, which includes digital X-rays instead of conventional film-based x-rays. Intraoral scanners made by iTero scan the mouth of the patient and capture 3D dental images within minutes. The photos that are generated are more precise than two-dimensional photographs. The 3D results are accurate physical models of dental structures for restorative work. This includes crowns or implants, as well as veneers.

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