Guide to Writing Argumentative Essays Using Toulmin Strategies

Guide to Writing Argumentative Essays Using Toulmin Strategies

Argumentative essays are a type of writing in which students are required to conduct research on a subject, gather, produce, and evaluate evidence, and present a position statement. The Toulmin Model can play a role in a person’s development and self-understanding, and it may one day serve as evidence for professional writing. In this blog, we shall explore the Toulmin Procedure for producing a strong argumentative essay.

The Toulmin Method – A Brief Overview

Since the essay format has become commonplace in today’s higher education, many students are confronted with the challenge of writing an essay according to the Toulmin model. An essay is one of the fundamental components of early childhood education, from the Anglo-Saxon educational tradition, where it originated. Writing an essay, especially one based on an argument, requires creativity and effort. Given their academic schedules, not all students have the time for such a task. You can get help with your assignment if you want professional assistance to ensure a top-notch quality essay.

For complex questions, Toulmin’s logic-based and in-depth analysis approach is best. The British philosopher and professor who practiced practical argumentation held the belief that it was a method of formulating hypotheses through the verification of previously collected data and the discovery of novel concepts. Stephen Toulmin proposed a set of six interconnected components for analyzing arguments in The Uses of Argument (1958), which we will discuss today. Toulmin believed that resistance to additional criticism and credibility could be achieved through an effective argument.

The Toulmin Argument’s Six Elements

Following are the six elements used in The Toulmin Method to build a strong argument.


Claim refers to the argument being made or the statement that the author wants to persuade the readers about. It is the central concept that underpins the whole argument. This addresses the answer to the question: What is the writer trying to prove? The claim can be divided into five following categories: definitions, facts, values, reasons, and strategies.


Warrants refer to the assumptions or logic that connect your proof to the claim. It is a statement that depicts how your facts and evidence justifiably and logically support your claim.


The claim relies on the arguments as its foundation. Everything that the statement is talking about is in this context. It could be the opinions of experts, facts, evidence, statistics, or public attitudes. The following issue arises at this point: What is the author attempting to illustrate? The body of the argument is where the data and argument are linked together. This is referred to as the grounds.


Rebuttal refers to counterarguments to the claim or argument you make. These are the places or events where your argument does not hold. This is where you also include an answer to the counter-argument. Rebuttal describes the conditions under which the argument is true at the same time limits the credibility of the same. It will be deemed weak if the argument does not assume the existence of a different viewpoint. Writing the rebuttal might seem difficult if you have trouble coming up with an alternative viewpoint. The professional recommends that you check some examples.


Backing refers to the supporting statements for the warrant. This may take the form of a sub-argument or well-reasoned claim, directing backing up the warrant. When the arguments themselves do not sufficiently persuade the readers and listeners, this kind of support should be used.


Qualifiers are words or phrases that indicate the author’s degree of certainty in the arguments.

Key Takeaways

Practical argumentation relies on the first three components, while the last three are not always required. In a counterargument essay, this description of an argument reveals its strengths and weaknesses. This is how it ought to be. There should never be an argument that seems to be stronger than it is or applies to a wider range of topics than it was intended to. The goal is not to outplay or defeat every counterargument; rather, it is to get as close as we can to the truth or a suitable solution. You may find the process difficult once you get used to it, but don’t get bogged down as you can use an urgent essay writing service.

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