How To Check Jazz Number? 100% Working Codes In 2022

How To Check Jazz Number? 100% Working Codes In 2022

Jazz is among the top well-known wireless network within Pakistan and has millions of subscribers. In my previous article, I explained the best way to verify Jazz Balance and also examined a few Jazz balance checking codes. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to verify your Jazz balance without checking your balance. If you’ve got a Jazz/Mobilink SIM in your mobile phone and aren’t sure of the exact number, this article will help you to discover the Jazz numbers check codes:

1. Dial *99# to check the Jazz number

  • Start your mobile dialer
  • Dial *99# and press and press the Call icon

    Dial *99# to check Jazz number
  • Your number will appear on the screen our phone number will be displayed
  • No charges

Information: You need to open your dialer, then dial *99# to access the jazz verification number *99#. After a few seconds, your number will appear on the screen of your mobile. The number verification code is absolutely free of charge and there are no additional or hidden costs that will be charged.

Jazz number check code Charges
*99# Free

2. Text message ‘MNP’ to “667”

  • The open text message application
  • Write the new message MNP
  • Send it to 667

    Make MNP, the new message, and then send it to 667.
  • You will receive a message including a mobile number, the name of the SIM owner, and the date of activation.
    jazz sim owner name check code
  • Small fees will be charged

Information: First, open your text message application using your Android or iPhone. Simply type in the message MNP, and send the message to 667. Within a couple of minutes, you will get a new text message that contains the Mobile number, the name of the SIM owner, and the date of activation. The jazz sim owner’s name check code isn’t free and only tiny charges will be imposed on every jazz number check request.

Be aware that you can utilize this technique to verify the Zong number and other mobile operators such as Ufone, Telenor, and Warid. Also, locate Zong’s MB check codes.

3. To talk to 111, call 111. the Jazz agent.

If you’re not happy with the two codes above and you’re not happy, you can contact the Jazz helpline 111 and speak to a Jazz agent. The agent will ask about your personal details like CNIC or date of birth, mother’s name, etc. After checking your identity the agent will issue you a Jazz number. The cost of a phone call to speak with the agent is incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I verify the validity of my SIM #?

You can look up your SIM number by sending an SMS “MNP” 667 667. Your phone number, along with information about your CNIC, SIM owner’s name, and date of activation displayed within the message. The small fees for that SIM number verification code will be applied.

How do I find the jazz code on my phone?

Enter * 99# from your mobile phone and then tap the phone icon. After a short time, the Jazz number will be displayed on the screen of your mobile. The free Jazz numbers check codes are * 99#.

How do I find my SIM owner’s name?

Create a new text message and type MNP. Now, text this message 667. You will receive a message with the SIM owner’s name and phone number.

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