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How to See Incognito History on Android Without Them Knowing?

How to See Incognito History on Android Without Them Knowing?

Incognito mode is a fantastic method to protect your browsing history however, what happens is the best way to look up your history for some reason? Perhaps you’d like to look at whether your spouse was cheating against you, or whether your child has been browsing sites that aren’t allowed to. If incognito mode is turned on and you don’t have access to the user’s smartphone, there are ways to access the history of incognito.

Option 1: Use Spy Apps
If you wish to access incognito data without not knowing, an app that tracks you is the best method to accomplish this. Spy apps let you monitor all actions that occur on your device, including incognito browsing.

There are numerous spy applications available in the market, but among the ones that are most well-known is MSPY. mSpy is a multi-faceted spyware application that can be used to monitor a range of actions, including browsing in private.

In order to use mSpy for viewing incognito history, you’ll have to install the application on the device you would like to track. After the app has been installed, you can sign into your mSpy profile and see a full summary of all the actions that occurred in the system, which includes browsing incognito.

Option 2: Look at the History in Chrome
If incognito is turned off, then you can see all incognito web pages saved by going to chrome://chrome/history/. This method requires access to their phone. Incognito mode operates as follows when a user opens the new tab incognito it saves cookies and histories until they close the incognito tab. But, it doesn’t save anything that is beyond incognito tabs. Nor does it save any tabs from regular tabs. If you are able to access any of the three methods, you will be able to access the history in your private mode on Android without knowing that the incognito feature is activated. If the incognito mode is switched off, then the incognito history is not saved.

Option 3: View Incognito History Directly From Incognito Mode
If you would like to look at the history of your incognito account without opening incognito tabs, simply open an incognito new window and select Menu – Other tools Developer Tools. After the developer tools are enabled, select the box labeled “Preserve log” under the “Logs” tab. Then, go back to the menu of Chrome and select History, and clear all browsing information. Then, you’ll be able to view your anonymous history on the developer tools window by selecting the checkbox marked Preserve logs under Logs.

Option 4: Use a Private Browsing Mode Extension
Another method of viewing the history in private mode is by using an extension for private browsing mode to the browser. The extensions for Private Browsing Mode monitor all websites you are able to visit while in incognito mode and provide you with the form of a list. The most popular privacy-oriented extensions are Chrome’s incognito mode, Mozilla’s Private Browsing as well as Opera’s Private Browsing.

Option 5: Look at the Person’s Phone’s Internal Memory
Another way to look up the history of incognito on Android without their knowledge is to examine the phone’s memory. If they’ve got incognito mode disabled in Chrome your incognito history will be saved to the internal memory/storage of the phone. You can connect their device to your computer via USB or via Wi-Fi to access the web pages that are incognito through Chrome://historyor. This method, however, requires access to their phone.

Final Thoughts
Although the incognito mode can be ideal for keeping your online activities private, however, it’s not completely secure. So, you may be able to access someone’s browsing history. Because of the techniques described in this article any person with no technical expertise can access the history of someone’s privacy.

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