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Subconscious Mind – How to Unlock and Use Its Power

Subconscious Mind – How to Unlock and Use Its Power

Your subconscious is a powerful secondary system that governs every aspect of your life. Understanding how to improve the brain’s communication between the conscious and subconscious minds is an effective instrument to achieve prosperity, happiness, and success.

The subconscious mind acts as an archive of information for everything which isn’t stored within your conscious mind. It holds your thoughts as well as your past experiences as well as your memories and abilities. Everything you’ve experienced, been through, thought about, or done is also stored.

It also acts as your guide system. It continuously monitors the data received from your senses to identify opportunities and risks. It then relays the data to your conscious mind, and you wish it to relay (more about this topic to come later).

The connection between the subconscious and consciousness is dual. When you are faced with an idea, an emotion, a thought, or a picture of the past, this is your subconscious mind communicating to the conscious mind. The other manner isn’t so simple and can be achieved by the concept of auto-suggestion.

This article will discuss the abilities that the mind’s subconscious has and explain how you can harness them for success. Learn to better communicate with your subconscious mind and how to put it on the course you wish to see it follow.

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What is the subconscious mind?

Have you ever heard that humans use only the brains of a small portion of? This is, mostly because it is part of our subconscious minds. Scientists haven’t studied the subject in depth, and we do not have enough knowledge about it. However, we know that it is able to control nearly everything we do.

For instance, when you sit in meditation and start taking control of your breathing You take control from your subconscious mind and transfer it to your conscious brain. Then you begin breading deeply through your stomach. You stop trying to control it and your mind begins making the decision. It is not necessary to be thinking about the issue longer. Your breathing will continue to be at ease until an external stimulus alters it (stress for instance). Everything is managed through the back of your brain.

Another instance of the work performed by the unconscious mind is information that comes from the senses. Your brain is bombarded with hundreds of MB of every second of information. It could explode if it needed to process and review every single thing. This is the reason there is a wall between the subconscious mind. It is able to process everything, and will only transmit information that is pertinent to you at this moment.

The wild monkey

The most accurate comparison of your subconscious mind can be compared to a free-running monkey. It is able to run wild throughout the day since it is not able to tire quickly. It is able to deliver small bits of information to the central brain. It could also keep it busy in reaching your goals and bring you the data you require to be successful (opportunities). All you need to do is to give the wild monkey something to do!

Your subconscious mind is communicating with you.

Thinking that you are conscious of the subconscious isn’t easy because it must be done using emotions. Only thoughts communicated by real emotions are able to reach that part of the brain. Only thoughts that are supported by strong emotions remain there.

This is the case both for positive and negative emotions. Unfortunately, negative emotions tend to be more intense than positive ones. If you’re looking for more information on the subject of emotions, you could also check out this post: The Emotional Intelligence Test: 10 Tips to Increase Your Self-Awareness.

Self-talk and fear

The first step to harnessing the power of your subconscious is to get rid of thoughts that trigger negative emotions. It is also important to end your self-talk about negative thoughts or at a minimum, ensure that it’s not filled with emotion.

The fears you have about yourself often become reality, particularly when you’re extremely emotional about them. That’s why self-talk that is negative can have detrimental results. Removing these negative thoughts or reversing them as quickly as is possible, is an important step to successful outcomes.

There is a story about the angel who always watches over you. If you tell yourself “my life is horrible” It writes down your awful experience. If you tell it that “my work is dull” it notes down your boring work. When you write “my appearance is ugly” then it writes down your body that is ugly. Then it continues and grants all of those desires as they’re full of intense emotions (sadness or regret, anger, and self-loathing). This angel is the subconscious mind.

Take a moment to ask yourself: “Do you can afford to let negative self-talk affect your thoughts?”

Countering is a technique for countering.

One of the most effective methods in the reduction of negative self-talk is to employ the counter method. Each time you think of something negative that comes into your mind, counter it by a strong positive counter-thought. For instance, if you are preparing an important presentation to give and you are thinking to yourself: “I am going to be embarrassed before all of the people in that room” Then immediately counter by saying: “NO! I’m going to be so impressive that everyone will be applauding me for 5 minutes”. In reality, it’s usually somewhere in the middle.

A delete button method

Another powerful tool to counter negativity is using one of the most powerful tools is to press the delete key. If a negative thought pops into your mind, press the delete button within your mind and visualize the way the thought, which you wrote on an article of paper is destroyed. You can imagine in your mind the image of hitting the thought that is negative by using your fist.

Burning desire

The subconscious mind also will respond to thoughts expressed by desire. Driven by desire the subconscious mind can do whatever to get the desired outcome. It also opens every channel available to the conscious mind to get information on how to achieve this.

If your goal becomes the primary passion of your life and you are driven by the desire to make it happen, then you’ll succeed. If you’ve set your mind’s attention on the project, and it is backed by the fervor of your heart, it will allow you to recognize the opportunities to help you achieve your desired goal.

The very best athletes are the best due to their desire to be the best. It is the only thing they desire in life apart from this. This is the main goal of their lives. They will take the necessary steps to realize it:

  • After the training session practices your skills further.
  • Take the necessary steps to increase their knowledge and make them better than all the others.
  • In their minds, they should seek out opportunities to reach their objectives.

How do you nurture a passion for your work?

Start by defining your goals. Try to make it as precise as possible. As realistic as possible. Note it down then be aware of it.

The technique of bridge-burning

Burn bridges. Take down any boats you are sure you could keep in case anything goes wrong. The mind evolved to aid in our survival and this is the time when it gets the most effective outcomes. By burning bridges, it puts your mind to survival mode. The only option left is to go ahead – toward the end goal.

Small wins (or progression bar) technique

Another powerful method could be filling your day with small accomplishments (that can lead you toward your ultimate goal). If you are looking to shed the weight of X kilograms every day, begin by taking a look at the chart of your progress thus far. It should be downwards in general although there may be minor bumps. Set up a picture in your office of someone with the ideal weight and gaze at it each day.

The motivational strategy

And lastly, discover what motivates you to achieve your goal and then use it. These could be positive people who inspire you. You could also watch a motivational clip. Or even an energizing song.

Whatever way you choose, ensure that the desire to reach your goal is an integral part of your daily routine! In the background, your subconscious mind is constantly bombarded by thoughts about your goals, and bolstered by your burning desire to accomplish it.

Love and Faith

The most powerful positive emotions are love, faith, and sexual desire. While the first and second are spiritual, while the third ones are more physical. If all three exist, they amplify any thought, and they allow it to easily be absorbed into your subconscious. It will then react to the thought and translate it into possibilities, actions, and ideas.

Faith is distinct from hope in that when we believe in something and trust in the outcome. If we are merely hoping it is just a suggestion to you one possibility under uncertain circumstances.

The technique of Visualization

The next step in reaching your goal is to imagine it. This is done by trusting in the result. Don’t be apprehensive that the outcome you want will happen and believe that it already is the case.

A very effective method is to imagine your life after your dream is satisfied. Make time each and every day to take a moment to relax and visualize your life following the time you’ve achieved your desired goal. Try to make it as realistic as possible:

  • What do you wear?
  • How can you be more effective?
  • What do you feel?
  • What do you think?
  • What do you do?

The technique of physical preparation

Another option is physical preparation. If you’d like to become famous, you should start wearing those brackets to repair your teeth immediately. If you’re looking to establish an intimate relationship, get an extra toothbrush and keep them in the bathroom.

The technique of detachment

Last but not least Let go of the need to control the outcomes. It is impossible to predict what your goal will look like or how it will come to fruition. Do not limit yourself to the possibilities you have currently, instead be open to possibilities and trust in the realization of your goals.

You are receiving messages from your subconscious mind

As we’ve already mentioned that the interaction between conscious thought and the subconscious mind is a two-way communication. You assign your subconscious mind objectives, tasks, and wishes. It also provides you with ideas, information, and possibilities.

Do you have any idea what makes certain individuals who are able to spot new opportunities? This is due to the fact that their subconscious minds feed them more information on a certain area than others typically receive.

Have you noticed that once you actually decide to take action it is soon followed by an opportunity to allow you to take action? This is because, when you decide to do something, you create thought and then infuse it with hope and faith. You then begin receiving the necessary information to make it happen.

The threshold at which conscious perception can be perceived

We’ve discovered that your subconscious mind is the source of all information your senses create. Then, it filters the information to decide what to relay to your conscious mind. The difference between these two outcomes is referred to as the threshold for conscious perception.

That’s the difference between spotting a potential opportunity, and not spotting it. It’s only an aspect of the manner in which you’ve set your subconscious mind and the amount of work you’ve assigned it.

If you’ve got an objective, and you’ve driven it by passion and belief in the outcome and you are confident about the outcome, then you begin looking for opportunities to achieve the desire. All other possibilities are eliminated, rejected, to be stored within your memory. You will have access to it in the future when you’ve got other goals but for the moment it’s beyond the grasp of your conscious mind.


The nature of the human body has provided us with complete control over the information that enters our subconscious via the 5 senses. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is exercising this control. In fact than that, in most instances, people do not have this control. This is why a lot of people are living in the midst of poverty.

The process of introducing thoughts into the mind’s subconscious is known as auto-suggestion. It encompasses all self-administered stimulus that is able to reach the mind through the senses. The dominant thoughts that stay within the mind of the person (negative and positive) get into the subconscious mind and affect the subconscious mind. The thought is dominant if it is fueled by strong emotion (faith or fear, love, and others) and can be a source of power.

The main technique

The most effective method can be the mantra method. The idea behind this method is repeating to your head (or in your voice) an affirmation that can assist you in overcoming a challenge or anxiety. The more times you practice it the more firmly you believe in it. and the greater faith that you place into your mantra, the better your results.

According to a variety of scientific studies, one of the main causes of disease could be … hypochondria. It is the process to convince yourself you’re sick. It is a powerful auto-suggest practice that is driven by negative emotions such as fear.

If it is feasible it should become possible for you to prove yourself that you’re healthy well-behaved, happy, or mentally robust.

The method of loading readings

You have been given the instructions to establish a specific purpose to live your best life. Then, note that goal and then reinforce it with the determination to reach it. Then, read your goal out loud at the time of waking and before you go to bed and at least a few times throughout the day. Visualize yourself as already having what you want. You can feel and sense that you are at the top of your game. Feel the emotion as you read and speak your goals out loud. Keep faith in the result.

Keep in mind that there’s a price to pay to alter your mind’s subconscious. The price is called perseverance. It is essential to continue doing the auto-suggestion steps You must continue talking about your goals and continue being confident about the outcome and final results.

The distinction between those who are successful and those who fail could be just several days. Perhaps it’s the availability of a backup plan. The people who say “In case of no success, I’ll take this step and that step” will always take on this or this and that. Their minds will always be thinking of ways to get.


This piece is built upon one of the most popular self-help books: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It is a collection of easy-to-follow, however, difficult-to-master rules that anyone can follow in order to achieve wealth. One of the rules is auto-suggestion. I have modified the information in the text and have implemented it in the current. Also, I’ve shared my methodology for understanding and applying the strategies in the book.


The mind of the subconscious is among the most powerful tools you can have within your toolbox. It could mean the distinction between spotting or ignoring an opportunity. or the difference between living an abundant and satisfying life or an unhappy and miserable. You could gain influence over other people, or make yourself a slave to others.

Auto-suggestion can be described as the process of transferring ideas and thoughts from your conscious mind into the subconscious. With this ability, you are able to help your unconscious mind focus on the objectives that are important to you. Learning to master it will lead to success and satisfaction with your goals.


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