Xresolver | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver

Xresolver | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver

Are you trying to find the devices which can convert Microsoft’s Xbox or PlayStation’s PlayStation Gamer tags and usernames to short IP addresses? Then you’re in the right spot. This is where we looked at”xResolver,” a “xResolver” website/platform that allows gamers to switch the gamer’s usernames and tags into the clear IP format. Let’s glance at “xResolver “?

What is xResolver?

Xresolver is an official website that converts Microsoft’s Xbox and Xbox Gamertags as well as usernames to the most compact IP addresses.

The Xresolver can be described as an efficient website designed to convert the gaming tags of the game, names for domains, and usernames to IP format.

How to use the Xresolver?

Xresolver is an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy and user-friendly. If you’re facing any issues, you need to follow the instructions given below, and you’ll be able to utilize Xresolver without issue:

  • Open an official website “https://xresolver.com/”
  • Hit Xbox Resolver or PlayStation (Choose an appropriate choice)
  • You must enter the “Xbox Gamer tag” to convert it into an IP address “ Xbox Gamer tag ” to transform the tag into an IP
  • You can also enter”IP address” or enter “ IP address ” to transform it into the Xbox gamer tag.
  • Then click on “Resolve.”

Xresolver | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver

Now that you’ve completed it. You could also apply the same method to resolve your PlayStation gamer tag to the IP address or. PlayStation Gamer Tags.

If you type in Gamer Tag to Resolve, it’ll transform to IP format. The same applies to the PlayStation Enter in the PSN login to find out if it will change to IP format.

How to Blacklist and Remove Myself?

We explained previously the method of hiding your gamer tag and IP addresses. If you blacklist yourself from resolvers, the usernames/gamer tags and IP addresses will be removed from databases and nobody can find your IP addresses.

This technique can shield you from third-party attacks or hackers against Microsoft or Sony’s servers. In addition, you should take additional steps while backlisting your IP addresses:

  • You need to use VPN to conceal your precise IP address.
  • You must make contact with your ISP to alter the IP address of your account.
  • Make sure you don’t join random events and avoid those who might be suspicious. This will help you protect your IP address from the database of their organization.

How do I Register and gain access to Xresolver?

Xresolver | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver

Registration or signing up is easy and doesn’t require additional details. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be granted full access to the Xresolver:

  • Open an official webpage “https://xresolver.com/”
  • Look for the “ Register ” button and click it.
  • Complete this “ Sign up ” form.
  • Input your “Username,” “Email address.”
  • Simply enter”Password” and “Password” and “Confirm the password,” then click”Register.

You’ve done it. If already you have an account that is active you can sign in through the “sign-in” button.

Features/Benefits of xResolver MISC Tools

Xresolver tool comes with a variety of advantages and features listed below. They are available on the official site and you can utilize the following features:

IP Logger:

Xresolver offers an extremely powerful IP logger tool that lets you create custom links that can be sent to users to find the IP address of their computers.

Complete IP Address with precise Geo IP information

  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Detect Incognito/Private Mode (Coming Soon).

FREE Limits:

  • Create one page with 10 results maximum. The results with the oldest date will be deleted.
  • Ability to see Country, City, ISP, Browser, and the OS of your system.

Premium Limits

  • Create 10 pages with 100 pages for each.
  • Ability to see the IPv4/IPv6/Country City ISP and Browser OS.

PSN Username:

PSN login tool can determine whether it is possible to verify that the PlayStation Network username is available. You can then begin your registration.

  • Input your PlayStation Network username
  • Then click on “Resolve.”

IP Storage:

IP storage tools can help you to save the IPs you would like to save and arrange. IP storage tools can store up 100 IPs on a single account. Make sure the account remains running. If your account has not been active for three months, your information will be deleted instantly.

  • FREE Account The ability to store up to 25 IP Addresses.
  • Premium Account: Unlimited Storage.

What’s my IP?

Xresolver also comes with an IP checker that you can quickly find your current IP address with just a click and without any cost. This tool can help you know an IP address that is your Public IP Address!

Phone Lookup:

Phone Lookup Tool is an amazing feature. With the aid of the tool, you will be able to provide the phone number details in which you enter information, including location, country, and the type of line. Be sure to enter the number using an international code.

Nmap Port Scan:

NMAP Post scan tool securely allows you to connect with access to the host you want to connect to via our servers. If you are port scanning your IP will be available to the host you’re port scanning.

About Xresolver

xResolver Website was launched in 2017 and is used for two names “Xbox” and “PlayStation.” xResolver is not just the capability of changing your Xbox and PlayStation gamester tags or usernames,, but it includes other functions such as IP Logger PSN Username IP storage, an IP Checker Phone Lookup, as well as the Nmap Port Scan.

According to the most up-to-date data analysis, The xResolver is:

  • Registered Users: 241,586
  • Live Users: 1,168
  • Database Count: 24,735,431.

Disclaimer This content is solely to be used for educational purposes.

FAQs Related to xResolver

What exactly is xResolver?

the Xresolver is a useful website created to convert Microsoft’s Xbox and PlayStation Gamertags as well as usernames into IP format.

Who invented xResolver?

xResolver is a 2-year-old domain that was renewed recently and has been registered by Tucows Domains Inc. and will expire after one year in 2023. Furthermore, xresolver is a project developed through Octosniff. Octosniff group.

Is Xresolver Illegal?

It is possible for your IP to easily be identified using special tools since this is not private. But it is possible to hide it with xResolver. We can conclude that according to the gaming experience.

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