Cell Phone Tracker To Solve Toxic Workplace Culture

Cell Phone Tracker To Solve Toxic Workplace Culture

In the past, six months three newly hired interns had left the organization. They all belonged to the same department. I would not have noticed the news regarding the intern but the I was in the room when the last one got hired. He was a pure innocent boy whose dream was to work in my organization. So as soon as he got the official call the first thing he did was to try to meet me. It was an interesting meetup. Anyway, so now when they asked to again post the internship ad I was suspicious. That’s when I noticed that the last three interns left after two months on average. It was nothing normal, so I asked for the details. Turned out all the three internets started working under the same person and then left during that period. The team tried to get the details but no one in the department was ready to share anything. Everything was smooth and going well from their point of view in the department. No one was ready to open their mouth against the toxic person as he was in a much higher position. But I grasped the whole situation and it was about time to take some practical action to eradicate this toxic culture. 

You all might have been in this kind of situation when the boss or anyone in higher positions abuses their power and misuse you or your position for personal purposes. Other than that, office bullying, unfair treatment, workload and other such problems can affect the overall environment of the workplace. Not just, the productivity of an employee is also severely affected if he or she does feel satisfied or normal in any person or work environment. It was pretty obvious that the person responsible for training interns in that department was not handling things well but as he was a senior employee thus nobody was ready to sand against him. To avoid such a situation I thought of taking a permanent solution. My permanent solution was the use of a cellphone tracker app and computer monitoring software. 

Though at first some of the board members were against the idea when they told about the TheOneSpy spy app they were satisfied and gave the green signal. Here is how a cellphone tracker app like TheOneSpy can help you eradicate the toxic culture from the workplace. 

Have Secret Ears In Every Room:

One of the best ways to eliminate toxic culture in the organization is to have secret ears in every room of the company. The old method was to hire special people whose only duty was to update the boss about any new incident or inside the news. But that is old school. Now no need to hire people as you can simply listen to every employee’s surroundings sounds and voice by yourself. The mic bug feature keeps the record of every chat that happens between many people or secretly behind closed-door doors. Users can listen to any illegal order or any rude attitude or bullying of the department. The app saves the record of every incident as well. 

Watch Them By Your Selves:

The Camera bug feature let the user control the front and rear camera of the target device. You can monitor any employee at any given by using the camera bug feature. It can help the user to know about any unfortunate event that happened in the department or the team. 

Chat Monitoring:

Most of the conversation, instructions and questioning or complaining are done through the instant messenger chat apps in many organizations. For example, we use the Skype app to chat and discuss various work-related matters within the team. Some employers have this habit of rudely pressuring the individual employee in group chats. This can not only hurt the sentiments of the employees but can also affect their confidence level as well. The TheOneSpy cellphone tracker offers a Skype spy app. You can read the sent and received messages. Call records and media are shared through the Skype app. 

Use the employee monitoring cellphone tracker apps like TheOneSpy and try to make the workplace a healthy space for the employees. 

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