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Clevo NH70: Review, Specs, Pros, and Cons, Key Features

Clevo NH70: Review, Specs, Pros, and Cons, Key Features

If you’re a gaming enthusiast with a limited budget, and are looking for a high-quality thermal laptop that isn’t too expensive, you should consider the Clevo NH70 is the best choice for gamers of this decade. The Clevo NH70 laptops are affordable and offer high-end performance with outstanding performance.

We’ve put together an extensive analysis of the NH70 Clevo, considering your requirements and preferences regarding display battery, price storage, sound and the performance of the processor.

If you are looking for a comprehensive tutorial on how to build your gaming laptop specifically to your requirements, this article is the perfect one for you.

Overview of the Clevo NH70 Gaming Laptop

Since the introduction of the Clevo N70, it has been the perfect gaming laptop with the most affordable cost. It comes with an 17.3-inch screen as well as it has an Intel Core i7 processor, as well as 16GB of RAM for an enjoyable gaming experience. It is perfect for gamers that require a notebook computer that can handle high-intensity gaming and other activities.

What are the benefits of the Clevo NH70?

The Clevo NH70 is among the most sought-after gaming laptops available. It comes with it’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 graphic processor as well as an image resolution that is 127.3 PPI, it has an ultra-high resolution display and excellent high-quality images.

The speakers provide users with clear and loud sound. A 9th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB RAM offer a seamless and comfortable gaming experience. In the end, the Clevo NH70 laptop offers an entire gaming experience to you.

Clevo NH70 Specifications

Clevo NH70 Review, Specs, Pros, and Cons, Key Features (2)

Weight, Display, and Resolution

The Clevo NH70 is a fantastic gaming device with an impressive 17.3-inch display that features matte-finish and a breathtaking resolution of 3840 2160 x 3840. Contrary to many other gaming consoles the Clevo N70 thermal is well-known for its vivid colors and HD images display. Many gamers will love high-resolution graphics games on this clear display.

If we discuss the massive weight of this gaming beast, it can cause irritation to gamers. The Clevo NH metal weighs about 2.5 kilograms which is 4.58 pounds, which makes it significantly heavier than gaming equipment in its class. Due to its weight the Clevo NH70, like some other models, isn’t an extremely portable gaming device.

Battery and Charging Time

The laptop is equipped with the 14.4V 3275mAh battery. It is sufficient, but not the best for a laptop at this price bracket. Contrary to the other gaming laptops of today that have battery backup, this laptop’s battery typically can last for 3.5 to 4 hours, which means that users must connect it to the power source.

It could be considered the most suitable device for comfortable gaming experience. However, if the player prefers a laptop with an battery life of between 8-9 hours it is not a good choice and they ought to look at alternative gaming laptops.

Processor and Performance in Various Games

The Clevo NH70 gaming beast runs on the Intel 9th generation core i7 processor that guarantees gamers with a smooth experience. gamers. In turn, gamers are not having any difficulty in programs that require a lot of memory.

The Clevo Nh70 metal’s powerful processor lets you to handle additional tasks in addition to gaming including streaming without having to compromise performance.


With PCIe slot options the Clevo NH70 offers users with different storage options. Based on the requirements of your game gamers will have as much as 1TB storage space with an SATA hard drive , or SSD. In turn, the storage options improve the gaming experience for those who don’t want to compromise performance.

Audio Quality

The sound quality of this gaming machine is among the best gaming laptops within this price range , and also with similar specifications. Since the speakers are situated in the lower left corner of the laptop it is possible that they will be sometimes obscured. However, they are a worthwhile thing to put into.

Audio and video that are of high-quality create an exhilarating environment for the most immersive gaming experience. If you’re looking to purchase gaming laptops with high-quality speakers, the ClevoNH70 thermal is a fantastic option.

TouchPad and Keyboard

Clevo NH70 Review, Specs, Pros, and Cons, Key Features (2)

The keyboard that is backlit and has changing colors could change colors according to your mood or the stream you are watching.

In addition the keyboard is fantastic and definitely enhances the gaming experience of the user and overall working experience.

When compared with other gaming devices, the Clevo NH70’s touchscreen is extremely flexible and smooth, which is what increases the interest of users in the device. If you’d like to play games that are popular, such as Minecraft You can now play gg Roblox to get the best gaming experience.

Claims and Warranties

Regarding warranties and claims, the Clevo NH70 metal comes with one-year warranties that cover defects in manufacturing and hardware that aren’t the user’s are at fault, for example, malfunctioning keyboards, monitors as well as internal component malfunctions. The warranty typically covers both parts as well as the labor needed to repair the machine. This means that it is not necessary to worry when you have any issues in the equipment.

Users of the Clevo NH70 Laptop

Clevo’s main customer base is gamers who require a high-performance laptop to provide a smooth gaming experience. It’s not the type of laptop that is sold in online shops, but rather a robust machine specifically made for gaming.

So, if you’re an avid gamer and need a notebook or laptop capable of handling the demands of game, then the Clevo metal is a great option.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Clevo NH70 Laptop

Here’s a list of positives and negatives for this gamer. It can help you decide if you’d like to invest you money for this powerful gaming machine or another well-known brand.


  1. Fantastic image quality and high pixel density
  2. This GTX 1650’s graphics processing is ideal to play high-end games.
  3. An 9th-generation Intel processor will give you an enjoyable gaming experience.
  4. A keyboard that is backlit and alters colors to provide a more enjoyable experience.
  5. Best suited for experienced gamers seeking extreme gaming at a premium.


  1. With these specs the Clevo laptop is pricey.
  2. Its 3.5-hour lifespan of the battery is incredibly disappointing.
  3. The Clevo N70 isn’t equipped with the webcam feature that many laptops of this price come with.
  4. It is heavier other machines.
  5. It’s unsuitable for offices work or home-based work.

Takeaways and Suggestions

If you’re looking for an ultra-tough gaming laptop with an impressive display and robust processor, then this Clevo NH70 is an excellent option. The inside, thermal and other specifications are listed below for your convenience but it’s all dependent on how you’ll utilize the laptop and what you want to achieve.

It’s probably not the best choice if need a laptop for home or office-based work, and do not often engage in games. If you’re an avid gaming player who wants to play games that require a lot of memory on a premium display then the Clevo NH70 is the right option, despite its slightly higher cost.


Which country produced the laptop Clevo NH70?

A Taiwanese company made the Clevo NH70 laptop.

What is the cost of the Clevo laptop?

The ClevoNH70 retails for approximately 1000 dollars, and is affordable for a gaming laptop.

Clevo laptops were designed to whom?

Clevo laptops are made for gamers and those needing a computer to play intense gaming or other activities.

Is the Clevo NH70 an appropriate option?

Clevo is an excellent option if your main goal is to play extreme games or for work.

What are the most important advantages of the Clevo?

This laptop is distinct from other laptops in the sense that it provides an unbeatable gaming experience due because of its ultra-high resolution screen and powerful speakers, as well as the 9th generation core i7 processor, as well as an SSD hard disk.

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