Content Creation- What is it & How to Create Great Video Content

Content Creation- What is it & How to Create Great Video Content

There are many different definitions for content creation. Probably because the content creation itself is difficult to put into one mold because it represents your creative freedom. It is the idea of ​​its origin, the angle from which it will be approached, the way it is shaped, the form, the people who will participate, the way it will be placed, and the audience with which it will communicate – all a matter of your freedom and creativity.

We are all exposed to some content every day, but the question is who is the content intended for us? Which content affects our needs and offers us a solution?

What is content creation?

Content creation is the process of selecting and creating a specific theme, which suits your target group, in the way that will be most effective for that target group, and finally the realization and placement of that content. It is just one of many marketing and tech trends.

Your content must be clear, precise, directed to a specific target group, and, above all, useful for that target group. Otherwise, it is content that passed without any effect and in which you made a mistake in the steps.

How will you prevent this – ask yourself questions:

– What are we creating this content for?

– For whom?

– What message do we want to send and what reaction do we want to provoke?

The inspiration for an idea can be anywhere, and in line with your strategy, vision, and brand mission, you will approach that topic and then choose the best way to present that idea.

The content creator has become a must-have in some companies and it is this person who is focused on designing, creating, and marketing content creation that will increase traffic to your channels.

Content creation is a great tool to play with the way you want, and the effects can be huge – increasing your brand visibility, increasing traffic to your channels, increasing sales, better relationships with existing customers, attracting new customers, and even collecting significant data for your business strategies.

How to create content creation?

How will you choose a topic? Here are some of our suggestions, which can certainly help you:

– Do not hesitate to look for the topic with your clients

You are addressing them right now, so why not ask them what and how they want? Of course, these will not be such direct questions, but let’s say researching their pattern of behavior on your channels, their most common doubts, questions, complaints, but also praise. Maybe you can even do a survey, a form, or a call to action, from which you can extract valuable data.

Ask your teams

Talk to your teams and research the information and data they have. And not only with the members of your marketing team, but also those who work in sales, and administration, with everyone. Each of them can have some useful information or even offer a solution that makes that content creation useful to customers.

Follow the competition

Investigate a little about what your competition is doing and how. How they process an idea and how they approach it. Don’t stick to the fact that the competition doesn’t interest you, because it should interest you. There is nothing wrong with that, moreover, it can be extremely useful for your business. Not to follow them and “copy”, but to be even better and offer an innovative and more creative approach than them.

Research the topic you want to cover

Explore, for example, how the topic you want to approach has been covered so far. You take a step forward and offer some new views and angles for a given topic. Browse the website, today there is nothing that has not already been processed in some way. You offer a new picture of the idea.

What can be content creation?

Since content creation can deal with absolutely any idea and topic, accordingly, its form can be very diverse.

– Texts: Professional texts, Native texts, Blogs, Interviews, Articles …

– Photos, Infographics, Statistics, Animations, Gifs …

– Video, vlog

For some topics, the text will be the ideal form, then for something you will need infographics or to create a vlog, a role that is becoming more popular, and of course video, which perhaps most of all forms can respond to almost any idea.

It should also be considered whether it will be enough to cover this topic through one content or it will require maybe more – video and text and photos and infographics … In addition, is the content relevant only now or is it something that will you be able to use it later? Don’t forget to include in your planning what resources you have at your disposal – how much money and time.

Therefore, we recommend that video is perhaps the most efficient solution, especially when using platforms like Plainly, which allows you to automate actions, implement anything you want, and then let Plainly do the rest while you have time to come up with new ideas.

And finally, when the content is published, don’t forget about it and let it go. Keep an eye on him as he lives with your customers because all those reactions to content are new data and ideas that you can use for new content creation.

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