Design custom lipstick packaging for small business

Design custom lipstick packaging for small business

The cosmetics industry is booming in the market. Thanks to the social media platform. Plenty of brands is coming in this campaign and struggling to make their brand noticeable among customers. However, some cosmetics Brands are pushing boundaries to meet customer expectations, especially regarding packaging.

Among all the cosmetics brands, lipstick is the most crucial product. It is one of the essential aspects of enhancing women’s beauty. Dozens of styles and shades are on the market. It is a delicate product and needs a proper lipstick packaging box that prevents heat and moisture. Companies are moving towards custom boxes for a lipstick which makes them more protective and appealing. These boxes allow them to produce ideal items, increasing their consumers’ trust and contentment.

If you plan to start a small lipstick business in this cutthroat competition, you need something that can make you different from the rest of the crowd. If you don’t just want to survive but also thrive in this industry, you need to invest in premium packaging. People have started expecting more than just a boring, unboxing experience. The beautiful outlook of your boxes creates anticipation and entices the customer to dig in. It is as crucial as what is inside, if not more.

To decide all the critical components of your packaging, you must keep three things in mind: durability, function, and aesthetics. We are bringing you the complete guide to designing your custom lipstick boxes.

Design explicit lipstick packaging boxes with us

Here’s where you should start:

✔      Choosing the sturdy and reliable material

Choosing the suitable material is one the most important things to do before you start. Protection of your lipstick should be the primary purpose of packaging. Lipstick is a fragile item and needs proper packaging. To ensure this, you must choose substantial, like rigid boxes. Using high-quality materials like cardboard, Kraft, and Cardstock protects your lipstick packaging boxes and gives a luxurious feel.

 Besides the representation, you should also need focus on the long-term use of the packaging. Most women keep their cosmetic brands in the boxes to secure them for a more extended period, which creates a long-lasting impression. You need to ask yourself how you want your customer to feel when they receive your product.

And also, make sure to go for Eco-Friendly packaging material. Since the demand for eco-friendly packaging is rising, that’s something to keep in mind when crafting your custom lipstick boxes. Manufacturing companies can brand themselves as environmentally conscious, attracting consumers to shift to sustainability. This action positively contributes to the brand image and optimizes cost when getting your lipstick boxes.

✔      Give a perfect fit to your lipstick packaging boxes

Females can easily get influenced if you have good packaging for your lipstick brand. To complement your lipstick shade, you must give them a perfect fit to your box. Customize your lipstick boxes into the right size, dimension, and style. Be creative as much as you want.

✔      Explore must-haves for your lipstick packaging

Lipstick plays an essential role in embellishing lips and making women look beautiful. Adding important information makes it easy for the customer to select your brand. Always Use printing techniques that portray your lipstick quality and depict the shade. Before designing, make sure to have essential elements like

  • Choose colors that depict your lipstick shade.

It is essential to print your boxes depicting colors on your lipstick packaging. You can either print on the front panel or back panel. Giving error free complimentary colors of shades in your packaging gives customers ease in selecting the right product. Make sure it is in contrast with the color of your lipstick shade. Also, to be the winner, You need to study your competition and choose a color that will make you distinctive Perfect designs.

  • Customize it with attractive designs

Everyone knows that cosmetics packaging needs to look attractive and pleasing to portray the quality of the product. You can include many variations to elevate the presentation of your product. You need to customize the design according to shape, size, and structure. You can even give your Glossy custom lipstick boxes a two-piece design to provide a luxurious appearance. Or go for a sleeve slider design that can easily entice your customers. You can choose a unique shape for your boxes to make them stand out in the competitive market.

✔      Give your lipstick a classy presentation with outclass printing.

Females love lipsticks and love to buy them. They can easily get enticed by attractive design and colorful printing. Focusing on product design is excellent, but you also need high-quality printing and visuals. Low-quality graphics would result in a cheap look and lose the essence of your design. The two main types of printing used in the packaging industry are offset printing and digital printing. Digital printing is usually the first choice, as it requires less tooling investment and delivers fast results. Placing your brand identity and logo in a prominent place is a must. Your custom boxes with catchy fonts and extravagant printing can intensify the presentation of your package.

  • An impeccable finishing can increase the life of your packaging

The cherry on top of your packaging is the finishing. You have to find the best coating when incorporating these unique processes. Many options include aqueous coating, UV coating, and gloss/matte lamination. Matte lamination is recommended over boxes because it gives the elegant looks luxury brands are trying to achieve. Adding interactive packaging like satin ribbon closures on your lipstick packaging boxes can provide the customer with a sense of instant gratification.

 Hoping this guide has given you all the information you need to kick-start the process of designing your custom lipstick boxes.

It’s easy to get custom printed lipstick boxes wholesale

We know some technicalities can seem intimidating without any help from a professional. We have an experienced team at CBH packaging to guide you through every small decision and bring your ideas to execution.

We offer various custom lipstick packaging boxes made with eco-friendly material and value-added customizations. We deliver all to you at an affordable price with the fastest turn-around time. Contact us today and find the expertise to make your product shine.

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