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DOLMED’s cooperation with a Korean company will improve the treatment of heart diseases

DOLMED’s cooperation with a Korean company will improve the treatment of heart diseases

During the mission economic to Seoul, The Lower Silesian delegation met with representatives from ATsens. ATsens business to negotiate an agreement regarding the development of a cutting-edge solution for electrocardiography within the DOLMED facility in Wroclaw. In the course of the program pilot, DOLMED will purchase 50 AT-Patch devices i.e. long-term ECG devices purchased from a Korean company.

During the trip by members of the Lower Silesian delegation to Seoul, DOLMED signed a letter of intention along with Korean colleagues from the ATsens company that opens the door to collaboration in the study of heart disease.

The trade and economic relationships with Poland as well as Korea are getting more vibrant, and this applies to the cooperation between our region. This is evident by the formal letter of intent signed concerning the supply of medical equipment. The purpose will aid in the detection of diseases like arrhythmias atrial tachycardia, arrhythmias, and other heart ailments – according to Grzegorz Macko, deputy Marshal in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

AT-Patch is a type of “Event Holter” that helps patients recognize moments that cause them to feel more uncomfortable. Through a button that is located in the center of the instrument, it’s capable of accurately reading the most important parameters of measurement from the time of the event.

The long-term ECG Holter allows continuous measurement throughout 14 consecutive days. Test data is stored locally before being downloaded at the time of the test. The report is produced by artificial intelligence and summarizes the most significant instances. However, the doctor also can access the complete ECG report every single day. The device is not invasive, so the patient is able to live normally, and even take showers with it. The device is attached to the upper region of the chest using the use of a specific tape. It’s waterproof and non-invasive, as well as having no cables that may break when moving.

There are about 17/18 different types of cardiac arrhythmias And thanks to this device, we’re in a position to manage three types particularly. The device we use is the lightest and smallest among all devices of this kind. It’s also the most simple to use, says Jong Ook Jeong, President of ATsens.

AT-Patch is a tiny compact patch that allows patients to function without limitation and even be active. It doesn’t require batteries or charging, and it does not require cables. In traditional ECG Holters can break when the patient moves, e.g. in sleep, which can disrupt the diagnostic image, claims Marcin Lerner Director of Operations at the Lower Silesian Medical Center – DOLMED Clinic in Wroclaw.

In the pilot program, DOLMED will purchase fifty AT-Patch units via a Korean company. Korean company.\



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