Gold: How To Sell It For Cash & What To Keep In Mind

Gold: How To Sell It For Cash & What To Keep In Mind

Investing in gold and selling it in need of the extreme hour is a very common practice in India. If you do not want to take a loan against your gold, you can sell it for cash. 

Here are a few important aspects to consider while selling gold for cash. It will help the sellers to get the best value through a great deal.   

– Understand the correct value of your gold and its selling price

You will get a high selling price based on current gold rates if you have hallmarked gold. Since there is no standardised method to evaluate the exact selling price of gold, you should get a quote of the gold price before selling it. It is a necessary step if you want to assess the worth of your gold. If it is not a fair deal, you can visit another dealer. 

– Carry the invoice 

A genuine buyer will always ask you to present the invoice. The purity of purchased gold and its weight are always mentioned in the invoice. This bill is very helpful to avoid any conflict of interest for the fineness of gold.

– Consider The Best Time To Sell

Following the rule of supply and demand, if any product records a higher investment, its price will eventually rise. Similarly, gold is a safer bet than other investments when gold tends to be more demanding, especially during the staggering market. Therefore, if you have this spare gold and are not in a hurry to sell it, you must consider the economic conditions before selling your gold. If the gold price does not favour your gold deal, you can easily apply for a gold loan online.

– Get the value as a whole and not just the gold.

Do not forget the gems in your gold jewellery. Jewellery engraved with precious stones can offer you a great deal with the high value of gold. If it is something antique, look for a collector and get the correct worth of your jewellery. 

Common issues while selling gold

While you deal with a traditional unorganised player; you may face the following issues while selling your gold: 

  • Only approximate value using a touchstone
  • Deduction of melting cost directly without cleaning the gold
  • Round off figure on the traditional weighing scale
  • Valuation on the lowest gold rate of the day
  • Use low-quality crucibles that let gold particles remain after melting.
  • Cash payment without invoice

Search for the Gold Point – ‘sell gold near me’ at the best price

For a 100% fair and precise gold-selling deal, you can approach a gold point near you. These are the gold points in the regulated and organised sectors. 

Easy and Quick Processing 

  1. Search for cash for gold near me’ and visit the Muthoot Gold Point for gold valuation. 
  2. Gold cleaning using ultrasonic machines in front of the customer 
  3. Correct gold valuation – the value, weight and purity – on advanced XRF machines in front of the customer.

Gold will be valued at the current gold rate. You will get instant payment up to Rs.10,000 in your bank account. Thus, you can get more benefits at a reputed gold point company near you.

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