Why Choose Aluminium Doors & Windows?

Why Choose Aluminium Doors & Windows?

When constructing a house, you want it to look perfect, as it might take years before you remodel your home. So, the selection of each item requires a lot of consideration. Some of these items are aluminium doors and windows. These elements can transform your space into a beautiful home.

They are ideal as they display all markers of contemporary decor and require minimal aesthetic. Also, these elements are highly recommended in India as they are light and easy to maintain. Here are various reasons why you should pick aluminium doors and windows. 


When building a home, you want to get quality elements. You can’t buy timber as it is susceptible to swelling and often rots due to termites. Aluminium is excellent as it can withstand the rainy season and termites. Another thing is aluminium doors and windows are not prone to corrosion and rust. Manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA achieve this with the help of TEXGUARD coating. This coating ensures that doors and windows do not lose their potency in the colour and lustre context for 40 years.

Furthermore, aluminium is structurally sound, meaning you are guaranteed a high level of safety. Aluminium elements retain their performance throughout the years due to certified surface treatments, such as TEXGUARD coating. 

Energy Efficiency

Your electricity bill can be lower depending on the type and quality of doors and windows you use. If the doors and windows are not well-fitting can be a severe drag on home efficiency. The doors and windows will let heat escape through cracks, which forces the heating systems to work continuously to keep up. 

It’s easy to curb this by using aluminium doors and windows as they offer graft insulation. You can combine them with suitable glass options, which will help save a significant amount on your energy bills. In addition, aluminium frames also help prevent your house from heating up or succumbing to cold droughts.

Eco-Friendly Properties 

Aluminium is recyclable and reusable metal to infinite times. It’s more environmentally friendly compared to uPVC. Also, when you use aluminium, you save timber. If you need to replace your aluminium frames, you can recycle the old ones into new objects. If you are unsure about aluminium frames, you can consult window consultants.


Aluminium doors and windows are cost effective. Thanks to the doors and windows’ longevity and energy efficiency, it saves you money. Also, it’s easier to customize aluminium windows or doors if you want to change the design or wall of your home. In contrast, if you select timber windows, the fabrication and installation will primarily depend on the craftsmanship of the involved workers. In addition, the maintenance of timber negatively affects the RoI. On the other hand, aluminium gives hassle-free installation and maintenance. Therefore, with this information, the next time you buy doors and windows, aluminium is the most fantastic option.


Maintaining a home is a massive chore for homeowners. There are a lot of tasks that are waiting for you to do. Timber is prone to termite infestation and weathering. Therefore, maintaining it can be costly. However, aluminium doors and windows are resistant to rust and discolouring. So, maintaining them is quick, easy, and very cheap than other types of doors and windows. All you need is to clean them once or twice a year with soap to make them look good as new. It will make your doors and windows look bright and operate for a long time.

Aluminium Windows are Appealing:

Aluminium is symbolic of contemporary architecture in-home designs. The material can be coated for a variety of finishes and looks. The doors and windows’ dimensions, shapes, or designs; they can be made to the most challenging specifications. Due to its robust nature, it’s great for constructing large doors and sliding windows. 

In addition, the material offers you the versatility that you can customize it with the colour and finish of your preference. You can also choose to use one colour on the interior and another on the exterior of the frame. You need to give the supplier specifications of your doors and windows.

You can get aluminium doors and windows from TOSTEM INDIA, offering TEXGUARD coated products that don’t lose their lustre and colour for 40 years. In addition, these doors and windows are installed with rubber gaskets and sport silicone sealants in the corner. As a result, homeowners can get airtightness, sound insulation, and water tightness benefits. 

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