Google Doodle Pays Homage To Creole Composer Edmond Dede On His 194th Birthday

Google Doodle Pays Homage To Creole Composer Edmond Dede On His 194th Birthday

Google Doodle on Saturday, November 20, was a tribute to Creole classical composer and musician Edmond Dede on his 194th birthday.

Google Doodle on Saturday, November 20, was the 194th birthday anniversary of Creole classical musician and composer Edmond Dede. Dede was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States on November 20 in 1827. He passed away on the 5th of January in 1903. The music composition “Mon Pauvre Coeur” was composed in 1851 and is one of the oldest sheet music compositions.

On the official Twitter account, Google doodles shared the beautiful image and also paid an ode for Edmond Dede. The tweet reads, “From the orchestras of NOLA to the theatres of France— Creole violinist and composer Edmond Dede was a world-class musician. In fact, Dede composed one of the earliest pieces of sheet music written by the New Orleans Black composer.” As per the Google Doodles page, Edmond Dede started learning clarinet with his father who was a bandmaster for an army band in the area, but later, he changed to the violin, an instrument on which he was soon thought to be an expert. Then, Dede left home in the United States and went to Mexico.

More details about Edmond Dede

The singer returned in his home in the US in 1851. that same year the musician released his debut album “Mon Pauvre Coeur.” To help save money the musician did a few hours of work before returning to pursue his studies in France as per the Google Doodles page. In the 1850s He worked at the Grand Theatre de Bordeaux. The musician also was employed as a musician at Theatre de l’Alcazar and the Folies Bordelaise.

The ballets, and operettas, along with more than 250 other songs earned enormous popularity in France. In 1893, as Dede was traveling to the US to perform his final performance as a musician in New Orleans, Dede lost his favorite Cremona violin in a wreck but he was able to locate a replacement before the time of his performance. The majority of his sheet music has been saved in the National Library of France and numerous American universities. Edmond Dede died on January 5, 1903, in Paris.


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