Fun facts about Pedro Linares Lopez and Alebrije Pepita from Pixar’s Coco

Fun facts about Pedro Linares Lopez and Alebrije Pepita from Pixar’s Coco
Pedro Linares Lopez was an internationally renowned Mexican artist. On June 29th, 2021, Google Doodle was a celebration of his birthday. He was 115 years old. Lopez was renowned for his quirky animal-themed sculptures referred to as alebrijes. Lopez passed away in 1992, however, his family continues to advocate for his work. Pedro’s alebrijes depict bizarre animals made from body parts of animals like the head of a camel with feathers, or a tiger head featuring a bull’s horn, and reptile legs. In actuality, there are no alebrijes that are identical in design. In the words of the official website that is part of Google Doodle,” His unusual and fun animal sculptures, also known as alebrijes are loved by all as distinct artifacts of Mexico’s folk-art tradition. … We are grateful to the artist, Pedro Linares Lopez, for demonstrating the potential imagination!”

Facts about Alebrijes founder Pedro Linares Lopez

Emily Barrera made the doodle to accompany Pedro Linares Lopez’s work.

Pedro made his creation alebrijes to his country in honor of their achievements, as per the doddlemaker Emily Barrera, by combining many animal body parts such as reptile bodies and legs of crocodiles, the horns of an ox, bat wings, and other parts. The result is a unique creature that is also interesting.

Pedro Linares Lopez began his career as an artist at twelve years old.

Pedro Linares Lopez was born on the 29th of June 19th, 1906 in Mexico to parents who were artists in the 19th and 20th centuries. Like his forefathers started his career as an artist when he was 12. As part of the Catholic Easter celebrations in Mexico, He began to create figurines referred to as Judas which are made from cartoons.

Pedro Linares Lopez asserts that he was inspired to create alebrijes after encountering strange creatures in his nightmares of fever.

Pedro was sick during the 1930s and was sucked into a sleepless dream. He saw bizarre creatures and yelled alebrijes which is a bizarre expression. After his recovery from his illness, he made sculptures that were inspired by visions he experienced when ill. Pedro Linares Lopez improved his designs by adding more colors and combinations, including reptiles, lizards, eagles, and bugs following the unusual sculptures that were popular.

Pedro Linares Lopez’s alebrijes have been captured in a documentary.

Pedro Linares‘ work enchanted Judith Bronowski, a filmmaker. Bronowski was so enthralled in the Mexican art-maker’s works that she conceived and screened a documentary about it in the year 1975.

The year 1990 was the time that Pedro Linares Lopez was presented with 1990 the Mexican National Prize for Arts and Sciences.

Pedro Linares Lopez was given the Mexican National Prize in Arts and Sciences in popular art and culture just two years prior to his death at the age of 85.

The children and grandchildren of Pedro keep on using his art legacy and unique style.

Pedro’s grandkids and children are following his path the way he walked with his grandparents and parents. They keep creating artwork that reflects his creative style and displays it in galleries around the globe.

Facts regarding Alebrije from Pixar’s Coco

Pedro’s alebrijes were used by Alonzo Martinez for the Pixar film Coco in the shape of Pepita.

Coco is one of the Disney Pixar films that is one of the most popular. Pedro Linares Lopez’s work that he created during the 30s was gorgeously included in the movie. Alonso Martinez, a character animator at Pixar was a child who loved alebrijes. He has a huge collection in his studio. In the movie Coco was a character animation, he made use of alebrijes designs.

The Alebrijes that are used in the film can be described as Spirit guide dogs in Coco.

The character Martinez created in the movie is not related to any mythological creature, however, she acts as the spirit guide. Its name refers to Pepita who is lively large and intriguing with the long wings of an eagle. The alebrijes is the head and arms of a tiger while her tail is the tail of a lizard.

The alebrijes featured in the film appear to be glowing creatures.

The Alebrijes have seen a number of dramatic changes throughout the years, including the inclusion of LED lights in alebrijes. They appear to be both creative and lighter. The models are made of moving metal frames that are encased in LED lights and plastic or fabric skins instead of cartonera. The first parade of alebrijes illuminated took place at Colonia Roma in 2014. In the film, the guides’ spirits were adorned with wings and glowing eyes. The Pepita was able to illuminate the surroundings and also cast lights and colors on the other characters.

Pepita is a mix of wood carving alebrijes as well as real-life animals.

The Pixar film’s alebrijes were influenced by wood-carved alebrijes, as well as real animal characteristics. Woodcraft elements were present within the characters, however, she also featured fleshy and organic aspects.


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