The highest-paying jobs in technology in 2023

The highest-paying jobs in technology in 2023
Technology is constantly changing and that means new opportunities to work in the area. If you’re looking to make an opportunity to change careers or make a move into tech There are a few of the most lucrative tech jobs which will be in high demand by 2023.

Software Developers

There are a variety of software designers, however, they all have something in common: they design software that allows people to work more effectively or efficiently. Certain developers develop software that makes it easier for workers to accomplish their work and others create systems tools to keep the business operating efficiently.
The need for software engineers is predicted to rise by 24% between 2016 and 2026, in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is much higher that the typical for all professions. As more companies are investing in technological advancement, they’ll require skilled developers to design the customized applications they require to remain in the game.

There are many routes you can choose to become a software developer. Most developers have an undergraduate degree in computer science, however, you can also acquire the essential skills in the coding bootcamp, or through online classes. Once you’ve acquired the knowledge you require, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with new trends and technologies to ensure that you’re always developing the most cutting-edge solutions for your customers.

IT Managers

The median income in the field of managed IT is $142,530 annually. The highest-paid IT managers in this area earn over 208,000 annually. The outlook for IT managers is favorable with anticipated growth of 11% to 2026.

IT managers are accountable for the development implementation, maintenance, and management of the computer systems in an organization. They supervise the tasks of computer support specialists as well as others IT employees. In larger companies, IT managers usually specialize in a specific area like managing networks and software design.


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