How to Cancel Your McAfee Subscription in a Few Easy Steps

How to Cancel Your McAfee Subscription in a Few Easy Steps

Nowadays, we’re all so much more connected to the internet than we used to be, whether it’s through our mobile devices or our computers at home or work. And if you happen to have a subscription to McAfee security software, you want to keep your account active and up-to-date at all times—especially if you’re using it on multiple devices. If you are looking for easy ways to cancel the McAfee subscription, here are five steps that will get you there in no time.

Step 1: Navigate to the My Account Page

In order to access your account settings and cancel your subscription, you’ll need to navigate over to the My Account page. Once there, find the Edit My Account button near the bottom of the page and click on it. This will take you back to the login page and prompt you for your password again.

Inside of your account page, there will be a box labeled Active Products. There, you will see all of the products that are currently active under your account.

Step 2: Click My Products & Services

Scroll down the page until you see My Products & Services and then select the product that is highlighted. This will be listed as your current subscription plan. Click on Cancel My Account. 

You may get redirected back to the welcome page after clicking cancel my account. If so, go back up one step and this time select Cancel Autopay. 

Scroll down the page until you see My Products & Services and then click on the box next to Cancel Autopay. Enter your billing information and click Confirm Cancellation. That’s it!

Step 3: Select your product and update billing information

Select your product and update billing information. All that’s left is to click Update Info. And with that, you will no longer be charged monthly for your McAfee subscription. I hope this post helped you learn how to cancel your McAfee subscription. If it did not, feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you would like me to write about next. 

Now that we’re past Step 2: Confirm cancellation, all that remains is to follow through on the verification process which includes answering the questions as accurately as possible.

If you have any problems completing the verification process, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-837-4438 from 8 AM – 9 PM ET Mon-Fri or 7 AM – 4 PM ET Sat & Sun.

Step 4: Review your details, then submit.

The next step is to Review your order details. Check your email inbox and find the confirmation email. If you see the confirmation email, click on it, open it and then click on Cancel my account. This will redirect you to the Mcafee web page where you’ll need to enter your customer number or registration ID. If you don’t have either of those available, just enter your username. Click Submit and that’s it! Your account has now been canceled. You can check this by going back to the Order Details screen and clicking on My Account Status. You should see a notification that says Your account is canceled. You won’t be charged again for anything, so you won’t receive any future emails asking for payment. 

You’ve successfully canceled your McAfee subscription in four easy steps!

Step 5: A confirmation email will be sent. Check your inbox!

After you click on the email, another screen will pop up and ask if you are sure that you want to cancel your McAfee subscription. Remember, this is irreversible! Make sure you want to cancel before clicking ‘Cancel my subscription.’ If you are absolutely certain, confirm by clicking on ‘Yes’ to cancel your McAfee subscription. Congratulations! You have successfully canceled your McAfee subscription.: You can now close the window and carry on with your day as usual. If you ever change your mind about canceling your McAfee subscription, don’t worry! Just go back to the same link and log in with your details again. Select which plan you would like, then click ‘Resubscribe’. Enjoy all of the benefits of being an online user once more.


I signed up for the two-year deal with the Amazon $100 discount and it’s already been less than a year since I bought it. I’m supposed to get $20 back for unused months when my plan expires, but I don’t want to extend my contract because there are newer versions of Mcafee out now and as much as I like this one, it’s worth getting an upgrade. My other option is figuring out how to cancel my subscription before the plan expires but I have no idea how or where to start so that was what prompted me to write this blog post! Hopefully, someone else will benefit from my struggles.

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