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How to get Adsense Approval?

How to get Adsense Approval?

It’s not a secret. Everyone is aware of the fact that Google Adsense is one of the most effective advertising networks. There are other ad networks trying to be as good as Google Adsense however they’re not as effective as Google and it’s impossible that they can compete with Google’s top partner program.

As it is one of the most effective advertising networks, it is no wonder that it is no surprise that the Adsense approval process isn’t as simple.
Google is looking for the best publisher partner that will provide relevant and useful content.

It’s extremely strict in the process of approving new applications to applications to Google Adsense partner program. It is very typical that the majority of applicants particularly those from Asian countries are rejected on the first try due to ignorance of the Google Adsense partner program.

There are many essential things to be aware of and by including these on your blog, there’s the chance for the Google Adsense application to get approved.

The basic requirements to apply in Adsense with Google: Adsense:

1: Custom Domain:

It is always best to use a top-level domain such as because you are aware that it is not free. If you’re using and you want to apply there as well. It is Google’s service, but it’s the only option for receiving approval for accounts that are free. If you download Adsense via and then apply it to other sites, Google will ask you to upgrade your account before you apply it once more.

2: Domain Age:

The domain’s age doesn’t matter since I received the approval from just 18 days after I had purchased the domain, however it is recommended to not receive approval immediately from Google’s Partner Program after acquiring the domain name you have purchased. It is suggested that you allow it to sit for three to six months. the period to do some work on SEO for your website and get some traffic to it.

3: Web Hosting:

If you’re using a hosting service that is free and you submit a request for Adsense be prepared to be rejected by Google. It is essential to purchase a good web hosting service for your site. You know that free services don’t function correctly.

4: Content Writing:

Google expects its publisher partners to offer valuable and high-quality informational, interesting, and worthy of reading content. Google will only accept Original material, copied-paste and plagiarized content are not allowed as part of Google’s partnership program. Be aware of the following: When you sign up for Adsense every account is checked manually by the partner program’s team at Google.

5. Privacy Policies/About Us/Contact Us Page

The privacy policy page is essential to be approved to use Google Adsense. The privacy policy page will inform your readers about the information you may collect about them. About Us, the page is exclusively focused on your blog and your contact page allows readers to reach you with any questions.

6 There are 6 posts in total:

Google does not require having a minimum number of posts in order to be eligible for Adsense. It isn’t a matter of the number of posts you have on your website. When I applied for Adsense, I had more than 40 posts (it’s my opinion that there’s no requirement to have more than 40 posts).

It’s very typical that there are many individuals who are rejected by Google after they have hundreds of blogs on their sites and others get approved with just a handful of blog posts. The most important thing is that you’ve got quality content on your website. If you’ve got quality content, you are able to apply for between 5 and 10 posts and get approval quickly.

7: The minimum amount of blog traffic:

Like we said earlier, you can applicants can apply for Adsense after three months after acquiring the domain. During this time, you’ll be able to concentrate on publishing content of high quality on your site and the most unique customers to your website from social media and search engines. It is not necessary to obtain approval from the Google partnership program. It is important to know that you are not able to generate paid traffic for your site if you use Adsense installed on your website. Google is not a fan of paid traffic. Google is forced to only get organic traffic.

8: Blog Design:

It is crucial and you must take into consideration the factors that apply to Google Adsense. It is essential to be able to create a fantastic blog layout. Keep in mind that your application for Adsense will be checked by a person, so an excellent and trustworthy blog design can be approved quickly. Your blog must be simple to use and must look professional.

9: Original Identity:

It is crucial in applying for Google Adsense with your real name. No fake nick IDs are permitted. Check that you’ve completed all of the required fields and you’ve filled in all genuine and accurate details regarding you. Also, do you know which is the most suitable bank to receive Google AdSense payments in Pakistan?

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