Lexi Rivera: Top 20 Facts You Need to Know

Lexi Rivera: Top 20 Facts You Need to Know


Born On:- 2001-06-07

Her Age:- 20

Famous As:- Instagram Star

Zodiac:- Gemini

Place Of Birth:- Huntington Beach, California

Born Country:- United States

Brothers/Sisters:- Blake Rivera, Brent, Brent Rivera, Brice, Brice Rivera

Lexi Rivera is an American social media celebrity and former gymnast who has 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is the youthful sister of famous YouTuber and Instagram megastar Brent Rivera. She is regarded for importing fashionable snaps on her Instagram profile, as nicely as doing a range of sorts of movies on YouTube, which includes pranks, challenges, tutorials, vlogs, and more. Apart from her very own videos, she normally seems on movies on her brother’s channel and that of her ‘crush’, Ben Azelart.

Top 20 Facts About Lexi Rivera

1. She used to be an elite gymnast

Lexi Rivera was educated in gymnastics as a baby and had come to be an elite degree gymnast. She used to take part in competitions whilst she used to be in faculty and had secured the pinnacle spot at some point in an inter-school competition. Even now, she frequently showcases her flexibility via taking yoga or health challenges, movies which she uploads on her YouTube channel. She has cited that to remain fit, she now not solely follows a strict exercising routine, but additionally dances regularly.

2. She is the youngest in a household of social media stars

Lexi Rivera is the youngest of 4 kids of her parents and has three older brothers, two of whom are social media stars. She accompanied Brent Rivera, who is the 1/3 baby and is the most famous social media superstar in the household with 10.5 million YouTube subscribers and 16.7 million Instagram followers. Her 2d eldest brother Brice Rivera is an Instagram superstar who was once additionally famous on Vine. Her eldest brother Blake Rivera is a profitable hockey participant who competed for a countrywide championship with his Jr. Ducks hockey team.

3. Lexi Rivera rebooted her YouTube channel recently

When Lexi used to be a little girl, her brother Brent used to movie her performances as an elite gymnast, movies which he regularly uploaded on the channel he had created for her sister, titled ‘Lexiloulouu’. The channel was once created again in August 2010, however, grew to become inactive after 2012. After gaining a reputation on Instagram, she revived her YouTube channel on July 1, 2018, by way of importing her first video as a YouTuber, a Q&  video titled ‘Wait, Who’s My Favorite Brother?’ She has then been very lively on the platform and has earned over 2.5 million subscribers.

4. She had a fan base even earlier than beginning her social media career

Lexi Rivera started her very own social media profession in 2016, about three years after her older brother Brent had begun gaining social media fame. However, she had been acting in her brother Brent’s movies for a lengthy time and after her different brother Brice launched his social media career, she regarded his movies as well. She has been very famous with her brother’s followers and even met with them throughout his meet-and-greets.

5. Early repute got here with early embarrassment

At the age of twelve, Lexi Rivera had an embarrassing trip whilst attending a meet-and-greet of her older brother Brent with her family. She was once requested to signal an autograph by way of a girl, and whilst doing so, she tried to get to recognize her with a pleasant chat. However, she had gum in her mouth which fell on the pocketbook she was once signed as she commenced conversing, which put her into an awkward situation. In hindsight, she feels extra embarrassed that she shortly picked the gum up and put it properly again into her mouth.

6. Lexi Rivera is a big fan of Will Ferrell

Lexi Rivera is a diehard fan of American actor and comedian Will Ferrell and has watched nearly every film with him in it. While she loves all his movies, requested her preferred movie, she named the 2007 game comedy movie ‘Blades of Glory’, starring Ferrell. It is comprehensible that as a gymnast herself she may have a specific spot for the film in which her favored actor performs as a determined skater.

7. Lexi Rivera has a ‘crush’ on Ben Azelart

Lexi’s social media is overflowing with snapshots and movies of expert skateboarder Ben Azelart, whom she had met via her brother Brent. While followers have suspected for a long time that the two had been dating, they saved denying it over and over, claiming to be simply friends. Interestingly, they have these days begun referring to each different as their ‘crush’. Moreover, one of Brent’s movies referred to Ben as his sister’s ‘boyfriend’.

8. Married for a day

On September 29, 2019, Lexi Rivera regarded on a video on Ben’s channel in which the two received married for a day. The video, titled ‘I Got Married To My ‘GIRLFRIEND”, started with Ben proposing to her and her accepting, following which he dressed up in a go well and gave her a wedding ceremony dress. They had been in consequence married using an annoyed Brent and then they had lunch at a nearby mall nevertheless dressed as bride and groom. They later did a wedding ceremony photoshoot, had a quick honeymoon at the pool, and additionally did ‘couple stuff’. Interestingly, in any other video posted on her channel, they had been handcuffed to every different for 24 hours.

9. Pregnant for a day

For some other 24-hour challenge, Lexi Rivera strapped on a faux seven months pregnant stomach to her physique to simulate being pregnant. She tried to prank many human beings inside buddies and household circles, even though most did now not purchase her surprising transformation. She additionally had a maternity photoshoot, in which, unsurprisingly, Ben volunteered to pose as the father.

10. Her dream holiday got here genuine recently

Lexi Rivera desired to go to Japan for a lengthy time and had been begging her mother and father to make the day out for extra than two years. In the end traveled to Japan with her brothers and boyfriend Ben in November 2018 and posted a quick vlog-type video sharing clips from unique components of her continue to be there. Also, for the first time, she went to the roof of a building, the resort she used to be staying at, which used to be curiously regarded as unlawful with the aid of the authorities. Thailand is subsequent on her listing by one of her YouTube videos.

11. Lexi Rivera is a budding actor

Lexi Rivera has acted in the YouTube sequence ‘Brobot’, which additionally starred her brother Brent and her boyfriend, Ben. She performed the central function of Max in the sequence which premiered on the Brat TV channel in April 2018 and had a complete 9 episodes. The story includes her persona navigating “a new city and a new crush with the assist of some top-secret synthetic intelligence”.

12. Lexi Rivera is multiracial by way of start as her mom Laura Rivera is of Mexican origin. It is likely due to her mother’s having an impact that she has learned to talk and write in Spanish.

13. She was once born Alexa Brooke Rivera on June 07, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California, United States.

14. In 2017, Lexi Rivera attended the premiere of the romantic drama movie ‘Everything, Everything’.

15. Her favorite tv exhibit is ‘Happy Friday’.

16. Lexi Rivera beforehand went on a tour to Paris with her brother Brent and needs to go to the town again.

17. Lexi Rivera regularly featured on her brother’s movies on Vine when he had won recognition on the platform again in 2013.

18. Lexi Rivera is consistently requested by using followers which brother she loves most and she maintains by repeating that she loves all of them equally.

19. She attended Huntington High School, from the place she graduated in June 2019. She in consequence uploaded a ‘Last Day of School’ video on her YouTube channel.

20. Lexi Rivera used to be earlier linked with famous vine famous person Hayes Grier. However, she has rubbished such rumors and has claimed to be simply pals with him.

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