Has Your Business Considered Outsourcing Medical Delivery Services?

Has Your Business Considered Outsourcing Medical Delivery Services?

Transporting medical specimens between hospitals, private practices, or laboratories is a critical and delicate task that should only be entrusted to the most qualified medical delivery company. Contracting out medical specimen delivery services effectively ensures that your medical specimens are appropriately handled with care and delivered on time. This way, you significantly minimize any delays in delivering results to patients.

Is Outsourcing Medical Delivery Services Right for Your Business?

If your business still needs to consider outsourcing medical delivery services, commonly referred to as medical courier services, there are many compelling reasons why you should. If anything, ensuring that your specimens are handled with care and delivered on time should be enough to convince you. In addition, entrusting professionals, who understand the importance of specimen integrity and handling medical specimens properly and carefully and have the skills, experience, and equipment to do so, is of utmost importance to your practice and patients.

Professional medical courier services help save you a lot of time and money. They handle all planning and logistics associated with transporting your medical specimens. Therefore, it is critical that you choose a company with a proven track record of expertise and reliability. Given the urgency and criticalness of having your sensitive medical specimens delivered safely and on time, you need to choose a medical courier company with a proven track record of expertise and reliability. These companies have specially trained professionals to take all the necessary precautions stipulated by HIPAA. They have a clear understanding of chain-of-custody. They know the specific range of temperatures to store your specimens. Swift Delivery is renowned for its excellent customer service. We take pride in accommodating high-volume, sensitive, and time-critical requests and always rely on leaders in healthcare technology consulting.

How to find the best medical delivery service for your needs

When it comes to transporting and delivering your medical specimens, you need to find the right company that suits your specific needs. To ensure that you make the right decision, here are several important factors that you need to consider:

– The company’s experience in the medical specimen transportation industry

– The quality of their vehicles and equipment

– The quality of their customer service and support

– Their history of delivering medical specimens on time and ability to handle touch requests, for example, pick up after 5 pm and delivery before 5 am.

In order to make an informed final decision, you need to ensure that you ask all the right questions and compare different medical couriers and delivery companies before settling on one.

Items to look for when selecting a medical delivery service provider

Below, we have provided some key questions that you need to ask the medical delivery service company that you are considering hiring:

– How long have you been in business?

– What does your policy say about lost/damaged orders?

– What type of insurance does your company carry?

– Can you provide me with a list of references from previous clients you’ve worked for?

– How do you implement the local regulations related to the transport of medical specimens?

– Do you have the requisite license or certification for handling medical equipment, for example, bloodborne pathogens training and hazardous materials training?

– What type of equipment do you use to store specimens including overnight, if necessary?

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Outsourcing medical specimen delivery is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. When you entrust this critical job to an experienced professional medical delivery service, your medical specimens will be handled correctly and with care, follow the required chain of custody, and be delivered on time. What’s more, you get peace of mind knowing that your specimens are in the best hands.


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