Pac-Man Review

Pac-Man Review

The product review is based on a newly released version. Due to the change of medium and the passing of time, there may be minor actual differences between the original retail version and the one that we have reviewed. The review below can determine how the game has held against time, not an assessment of how it would have been rated according to its initial release date. Pac-Man It’s one of the most popular games that virtually everybody has played at one moment throughout their lives. Due to its massive popularity in arcades in 1979, this game has spawned sequels as well as spin-offs (often not officially) and was deeply rooted in its place in popular culture. In its simplicity and addictive base, Pac-Man — though it’s a little repetitive — always provides a pleasurable and satisfying gaming experience. However, it comes with one drawback: paradoxically, because of its huge success, there have been so many variations and ways to enjoy it since its initial release that choosing to play the original NES version might not be the wisest choice.The player is in control of those who aren’t familiar with the concept behind the game (or maybe not familiar with the wheel, or the finding of fire).  Pac-Man The yellow blob seeks to eat dots scattered throughout a maze at the same time, trying to avoid being devoured by the evil ghosts. By grasping energizers in the edges of the maze ghosts are vulnerable to attack and are then a potential source of food for Pac Man’s jaws that snap.

 In order, eating them all in succession will earn you additional points, but it’s not essential to complete the level. When all dots have been consumed, the stage is finished the next round is initiated. However, aside from the speed of play increasing and the time of the energizers reducing it is impossible to distinguish from one level to the next.

This game indeed was the first of its kind, and it’s a mistake to judge it as not having a maze with a variety of designs like its successor Ms. Pac-Man. When reviewing older releases like this, you must consider the whole picture: although it’s this is a faithful port of the arcade version it’s not something that will entice you to get it. There are also internet-based Pac-Man clones that can be played through the exact internet browser that you’re using to read this. Additionally, the controls are extremely tight and enjoyable, which is an added benefit.


Any player who is attracted by this new game could likely already have the game in an existing collection on a different device, or maybe an arcade machine from the beginning. As mentioned previously it’s an authentic and reliable version of the game that was initially released. However, if it’s already in your game library it’s not necessary to buy it all over again. To the dismay of those who prefer to keep it Some even claim it’s better than the Ms. Pac-Man is an all-around superior game.

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