Paper made from sunflower seeds, which can be written over and over again

Paper made from sunflower seeds, which can be written over and over again

Nagpur City: Although recycling paper is a better way, Singaporean scientists have developed a new paper from sunflower yolks that can be used over and over again.

This paper made from pollen green is cleaned with a chemical after which it can be reprinted and rewritten. The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore started working on this paper two years ago. Its preparation is similar to soap making using potassium hydroxide which dissolves the outer hard shell of sunflower yolk.

Now the soft inner part of the altered yolk remains, which is washed with deionized water to make it more clean and pure. Now semi-liquid water is made from the yolks. The modified yellow gel was then placed in a mold, dried, and pressed, then only 0.03 mm thin paper was poured and acetic acid was applied to it to remove moisture.

Thus came the smooth, thin, and translucent paper that can be printed with a laser printer, and traditional toner can be used to print pictures and words on it. Even if the paper gets wet after that, its printing does not disappear.

Now, to enable the paper to be rewritten, keep it in an alkaline solution for two minutes and shake it, then all the writing disappears. It can be dried and now used for second, third, and many times. This way the paper can be used again and again but its quality does not matter.

Interestingly, it is possible to set up a whole revolutionary paper factory with the extra sunflower seeds without wasting trees.

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