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PDF Drive: Safe Or Free To Use? What Else Should You Know?

PDF Drive: Safe Or Free To Use? What Else Should You Know?


The digital age has witnessed the growth of e-reading which is changing how we use books. Data from the Pew Research Center suggest that 30 percent of Americans currently have the habit of reading eBooks. and suggest that 30 percent of Americans are now in reading eBooks using their mobile devices. As more people move from printed books to electronic books and eBooks, the number of people searching for PDF books that are free online rises.

This article gives the spotlight on PDF Drive, the most popular online searcher for PDF books and PDF Drive alternatives. So, if you’re seeking a way you can download PDF books free, read on to discover the answer.

What Is PDF Drive? is a free Google-like search engine that searches for books in PDF, dubbed one of the most popular free libraries for downloading books. Since October 1, PDF Drive is home to more than 80 million PDF ebooks academic papers, reports, academic articles as well as textbooks.

Every PDF book is sorted into categories like science, art and research, technology, business, religion. If you’re not sure what to look for go through the Editor’s Picks column or the column with the highest popularity to determine if you’ve found something that is worthy of your consideration.

You don’t have to be concerned about how to make the most of PDF Drive. The web-based Google-like PDF engine offers a simple user interface, and functions in a similar way as Google search. Users need to enter the search box and search results will appear in a matter of minutes. Additionally the PDF, displays the date of publication and total pages, as well as the dimensions of the files, and downloads. If a PDF ebook is published again and a symbol appears in the search results too.

Do you think PDF Drive is a site that is free?

The answer is definitely. The PDF e-book download offers a no-cost service, but in the meantime, it gives you the option to upgrade to premium. Look at the table below to see how the options differ from one other.

PDF Drive Free PDF Drive Premium ($3.99/month or $29.99/year)
100 MB cloud storage space Unlimited cloud storage space
The speed of downloads is not as fast. Maximum download speed
Pop-up ads on the site Pop-up ads are not displayed.
Slow preview Quick preview

If you’re a big enthusiast of this free PDF searcher, then the 7-day trial for free is worth your consideration. After the trial ends the premium price is $3.99/monthly or $29.99/yearly. You can end the subscription at any time.

Can PDF Drive Be Trusted?

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It is quite normal to search for free online eBooks. Free is inextricably linked with risks that could be posed as well as some users might be cautious about using this digital library. Be wary because nothing comes for free. The most frequently asked questions are as: is a trustworthy service that is free?

Does a secure site?

Technically speaking, yes. A secure website must begin by displaying “HTTPS,”, which indicates that the site uses the SSL certificate. All information transmission is completely secured. PDF Drive doesn’t require personal details from you while you browse the site. This means that data leaks are not common on the assumption that no information is exchanged. Furthermore, as discovered by Scamadviser PDF Drive earns an average to good rating for trust. Therefore, it is safe to state that is a secure site.

Does it really work to get the PDF eBooks via

Before you conduct any searches on this site You might be worried about whether it’s legal to download PDF ebooks from the PDF Searcher.

In reality, PDF Drive is not an actual creator of content. It’s more of an internet search engine or proxy which is why its crawlers browse the internet and save all useful content on its servers. In the end, the process of downloading any content through PDF Drive is absolutely legal.

However, the files downloaded from sites such as PDF Drive cannot be used for commercial use. The authenticity and reliability of the data is not assured. While you’re permitted to read the books on the internet, it doesn’t mean that you are legally entitled to reuse or distribute the contents. If you’re in need of verifying the legitimacy of the content, ensure you make contact with the source (already listed in the book in many instances).

What Can PDF Drive Do?

The PDF searcher is a free downloader that will discover the PDF e-book they need through searching, browsing, and downloading tools. Let’s take a review of the features that PDF Drive will provide:

The exact search: This PDF searcher permits users to conduct deep searches in this database, by giving a total number of pages, the year of publication, and the desired languages. Be sure to tick the option Exact Match to obtain more precise results.

Preview This PDF website provides an opportunity to preview the book at no cost. This way, customers can ensure that this is the actual PDF book they require.

A free download as we stated earlier, this site is an unprofit PDF library in which thousands of PDF documents are kept inside the database. However, servers and site maintenance aren’t completely free. This is why they get donations from the readers.

Convert This PDF searcher also includes an online PDF convertor. Users can choose the format of output, which includes PDF MOBI, EPUB, and PDF. In addition, the conversion tools do not require costs.

Share If required, will send the chosen PDF book to your inbox or the Kindle. This service can be used in one click for users on mobile devices.

Subscribe To make usage in use of PDF Drive, users can join the site by sending an email. If there are similar files or trending free publications and books, you’ll be among the first to learn.

Cloud storage: PDF Drive has its own cloud storage, My Drive. Login-in users can download PDF ebooks to My Drive with just one click, so they don’t have to take the time searching again. Additionally, there is a Like button available for you to include a particular book in your My List of Likes.

What is the best way to download PDF Books for Free via PDF Drive

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As the most popular PDF search engine available on the internet, is devoted to providing a superior user experience. To this end issue, the PDF file searcher makes it easier to the downloading process. And the entire process is completed within a couple of clicks. Find out the method to download PDF books using Drive. Drive at no cost:

Navigate to the site

Enter within the search box, and then open the official site. After that, you can search for the PDF book by entering the name of the ebook or the keywords.

Download PDF books for free on the internet

There are two ways to get a book for free on this site. Every road leads to Rome. We choose only the most simple route.

When search results are displayed, select your desired item and click”Download” to download it to a local file.

Step 1: Choose any PDF e-book and hit Download;

Step 2: Once the progress bar has completed loading, click the Download option (or Go to PDF in the event that it’s highlighted) and the PDF ebook will be saved to your local folder or shown in your browser.

Step 3: Click on the top right corner, and select the Download option. After a few seconds, the PDF book will be immediately downloaded to the local directory.


Best PDF Drive Viewer You Cannot Ignore

You can, of course, make use of browsers to browse and open PDF ebooks. Professional PDF readers can surely impress you and make reading on screen more enjoyable. The recommendation of, SwifDoo PDF is an extensive PDF application for Windows to open electronic books. Check out the ways it can help you:

  • Modify the PDF background and the theme
  • Listen to a PDF;
  • Tap for the translation of PDF text
  • Do a thorough search through the entire document
  • Inverse the page view, or in a sequence;
  • The PDF document can be displayed in various ways;
  • Change the orientation of the PDF;
  • Snapshots to create PDF document comparability;
  • Incognito mode allows you to privately browse PDF documents.

With the features mentioned above, SwifDoo PDF strives to make a complete program that can solve all of your PDF-related issues. In addition to being a simple-to-use PDF reader, the SwifDoo PDF comes with more features than what you can imagine. Click the download button and enjoy the free trial of 15 days it provides.

Download for PC

FAQs regarding PDF Drive

Can I use PDF Drive on my mobile device?

The PDF search engine is now available as its mobile version available on Google Play. Android customers can install the .apk to view PDF ebooks newspapers books, textbooks or magazines on their smartphones.


Can PDF has audiobooks?

Yes. PDF Drive has resources for audiobooks, which mainly are textbooks for language learning. In addition, the pdf search engine functions more as a database rather than an electronic book publisher. It is a simple fact that users can download an ebook in PDF format, however, they have to click on the hyperlinks (usually within an appendix) in order to get the audio file. It’s all about whether the PDF book includes an audio version or an audio podcast.

What is the reason why I am it that I can’t  not download a PDF file from pdf Drive?

If the service that is free is unavailable and the downloading from PDF Drive fails, you can select from the options below:

Refresh the web page Reload the website page using Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard. This shortcut will clean the cache and then reload the page.

Clearing cookies Clear cookies and caches and change the IP address if it is possible;

Security and antivirus In some instances the accessibility to is blocked by antivirus software.

Error 500 If this error code appears it means something is not right on the servers. There’s an effective way to test whether the website is up or down:

Does a book in PDF have viruses? Does PDF Drive give me a virus?

Absolutely, PDF files can be contaminated with malicious software as well as viruses. However, the pdf search engine has no viruses and will not cause harm to your device. Also, ensure that the hyperlinks within the PDF book come from a trusted source. But, an antivirus is the best way to protect your device’s security.


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