Sugar Cosmetics CEO Vineeta Singh Net Worth in 2022

Sugar Cosmetics CEO Vineeta Singh Net Worth in 2022

Indian businesswoman and co-creator of Sugar Cosmetics, Vineeta Singh’s net worth has achieved enormous popularity across the globe. She is the product Sugar Cosmetics is appreciated by many in the fashion world.

She’s not just an entrepreneur, she also serves as the judge for India’s famed reality show Shark Tank India. Vineeta has worked hard to get to the point in which she is today. She has inspired many female entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Since she is famous as an Indian name, people are searching for “who is Vineeta Singh’ to know more about her work and life.

If we look at her current net worth then Vineeta Singh’s net worth for 2022 is 9.1 million. If, however, you are curious to learn more about her life, then this post is ideal for you.


The Indian female businesswoman and judge on the renowned reality show, ‘Shark tank India Vineeeta was born in 1983. She was born in Delhi. Vineeta’s age is 38 years old. His name was Tej Singh. He worked as a scientist at the famed Indian Institute of Medical Science. She was extremely motivated by her devotion to her father’s work.

If we consider Vineeta Singh’s schooling, then she was in the Delhi Public School, R.K Puram in Delhi. She continued to study and graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the year 2015. She earned an Electrical Engineering. Following that, in 2017 she graduated from IIM Ahmedabad to study MBA.

Vineeta Singh also completed her studies in the arts while working at ITC Ltd. She also completed an internship with Deutsche Bank. In 2012 she was hired by Fab Bags as its co-founder. From 2015 onward, she was chief executive officer for Sugar Cosmetics which is a famous Indian makeup brand.

In 2011, she was engaged to Kaushik Mukherjee, a classmate during her post-graduation years. Vineeeta’s husband is the COO and president of their company Sugar Cosmetics. Both are known as the ‘Ironman couple’ in the world of online media. They have two sons known as Ranveer as well as Vikrant.

Net Worth

As a popular female entrepreneur, people are interested to know what VineeetaSingh’s Net worth is. Well, she’s got a variety of income sources as she’s partnered with numerous companies. However, the main source in terms of earnings is the name that includes Sugar Cosmetics. The estimated value of Vineeeta Singh’s net worth amounts to Rs.14 to Rs.15 crores per year.

According to an analysis, the amount of revenue Sugar Cosmetics has gained every year is about INR 22 Crores. It took her five years to promote their product Sugar Cosmetics internationally. The brand’s sales increased by 15% in 2020. The brand earned INR 104 crores during that time.

Singh’s Net Worth and we’ll break down the estimated growth of her net worth over the past few years.

  • Vineeta Singh’s net worth in 2022 is $9.1 million
  • Vineeta Singh’s Net Worth for 2021 is $8.2 million
  • Vineeta Singh’s Net Worth for 2020 was 7.4 million
  • Vineeta Singh’s Net Worth for the year 2019 is $7 million
  • Vineeta Singh’s Net Worth for the year 2018 is $5.3 million.


Vineeta Singh is able to draw on a number of sources for earning money, however, her primary source of income is her brand Sugar Cosmetics. In reality, Vineeta Singh’s monthly income is in the range of 1. 1.3 Crore. She earns around Rs.22 Crore every year from Sugar Cosmetics. Although her other assets in the business aren’t known. Her income is also derived from the well-known Tv reality show “Shark Tank India”. Vineeta Singh’s earnings on Shark Tank are INR 5 lakh per episode.


To understand how much value Vineeta Singh it is necessary to take a look at her career first. For the record, her career path began at the age of 17 , when she decided to pursue entrepreneurship. In beginning, she completed her summer internship in the year 2004 with ITC Ltd and Deutsche Bank for three months.

In April, she was the director at Quetzal Online Private Limited for five consecutive years. Then, in 2012, in April, she launched the brand of grooming and beauty known as FAB BAG. She then founded Sugar Cosmetics together with her partner Kaushik Mukherjee, in 2015.

She founded the company Sugar cosmetics after two failed companies and the denial of a one-million-dollar job offer from a Global Investment Bank. In the following years, ‘Sugar Cosmetics’ has become an extremely admired and well-known brand worldwide. Within just five years of its beginning, it has grown to become the most popular beauty brand growing fastest in India.

Today, the brand operates more than 2500 stores in more than 130 cities, and its income exceeds 100 crores. Vineeeta’s Sugar Cosmetics net worth is close to INR 300 crores at present. The brand’s revenue is growing at a greater rate, and she has also seen 15 percent more sales in the world.

Other Awards and Achievements

She’s not only an entrepreneur, but she is also a fitness fanatic. She is a fantastic athlete as well. In her educational career, she won the Academic Gold Medal between the years 1993-2001. In addition, she received two gold and two silver medals at the IIT Madras Badminton Tournament. In addition, she was awarded the Dulari Mattu award too as a female All-Rounder at IIM Ahmedabad.

She was awarded an award as India’s newest business leader, from The Economic Times. In the following year, Forbes Indian Magazine called her the most influential woman in India. She was also chosen as an expert in the famous program called Kon Banega Crore Pati (KBC).

Frequent-Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who is Vineeta Singh?

Vineeta Singh is a famous Indian businesswoman and the CEO and founder of the well-known Indian makeup label Sugar Cosmetics. She became famous when she was the judge on an on-air TV reality show called Shark Tank.

  1. What number of children Vineeeta has?

Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee have two sons. The older son’s name is Vikrant Mukherjee. The name of their sons younger is Ranveer Mukherjee.

  1. When did Vineeta Singh got married?

She was wed to Kaushik Mukherjee in 2011.

  1. How tall is Vineeta Singh?

Vineeta Singh’s height is 5 feet 8 inches.

  1. What year did she first begin Sugar Cosmetics?

The first introduction of her cult brand, Sugar Cosmetics, was in 2012.


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