Unlock Success: How a Salesforce Certified Partner Strengthens Your Marketing Strategy

Unlock Success: How a Salesforce Certified Partner Strengthens Your Marketing Strategy

This is no news that companies are quite scared and preparing to tackle the upcoming recession. So, they are not just trying any random means to achieve growth. Instead, companies seek sustainable growth by focusing on business resiliency. That’s the reason that the focus of companies is now going toward resilient marketing approaches.

With the help of Salesforce, companies are now trying to make their marketing strategy resilient, which will give them the kind of attention they need. And to make that possible, companies are hiring Salesforce platinum partners to bring in the real difference.

With the right help, companies are trying to focus on long-term growth that is sustainable enough to help them stay competitive. For that reason, firms are leveraging the best technologies and platforms, like Marketing Cloud and marketing automation, that could bring in the desired change in their marketing strategy.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on how an experienced and reliable Salesforce certified partner can help a company enhance its marketing strategy to sustain itself in the drowning economy.

Improving Marketing Approach with a Salesforce Certified Partner

We have listed four ways here through which improving the marketing strategy for a company can become easier.

1: Optimizing Marketing Spend

Marketing budgets can often go to extremes which can be troublesome when there’s an economic downturn. The need here is to take the right measures to defend the marketing efforts while ensuring getting the needed results. Here using Salesforce can help you to:

  • Use your marketing budget in the way
  • Identify low-performing campaigns to reallocate the expense
  • Make needed adjustments and improvements to campaigns
  • Track the team’s performance and their contribution to the revenue

Organizations can prefer going for Marketing Cloud Intelligence through which they can integrate multiple data sources. This will help companies to reduce silos and provide the team with a holistic view of their marketing campaign performance.

2: Evaluate the efficiency of current systems

Many marketers have already been facing the pressure to strictly control their marketing effort or to cut marketing costs. Marketers are directly trying to reduce their expenditure on campaigns that are not resonating with customers to tackle the economy.

Instead of this, you can consider evaluating tools that you’ve been using for marketing. This will help them to know if the tools are actually working for them. From marketing analytics to email marketing, Salesforce can help access analytics through which you can track the performance of campaigns and make changes where needed to get better results on campaigns.

With the help of a Salesforce certified partner, teams can identify the efficiencies and redundancies of the tools and campaigns so necessary changes can be timely made to bring in the expected results. Salesforce can help to:

  • Integrate systems and contacts in one view
  • Detect inefficient tools and eliminate tools
  • Cut down support and maintenance costs

3: Discover ways to achieve goals, despite changing budget limits

Many marketing-based companies these days are not growing as they were previously. Most of them are just grappling now to make the department more scalable and agile.

Studies show that around 43% of marketers spend around more than a week every month just to prepare data from their analytics solution. They could use their time to build better and more resilient marketing campaigns that could bring more and better results than before.

Using Salesforce could prove to be of great help here to make the company agile and also to:

  • Automate tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming, thus freeing the team to focus more on improving marketing campaigns.
  • Easily identify strategies that could help the team to improve personalization. This can include using AI to improve email and newsletter content so that customers can relate more to it.
  • Analyze previous or running campaigns to identify existing bottlenecks so they can be fixed and improve results in the coming campaigns.
  • Provide better mediums to improve collaboration between teams by connecting them all through a centralized platform, where they could share and update information in real time.

So, with the help of Salesforce, companies could analyze what’s working for them and improve strategies to bring in more results.

4: Deliver more value to the customer

As we can all observe from the recent economic downturn, it is quite understandable how difficult new customer acquisition is going to be. So, it is essential for marketers to focus on adopting and following a strategy that could help the firm to retain existing customers by ensuring that they are getting more value than before. This is a trusted way to protect your existing revenue through which you can be stable and survive the economic downturn.

To help customers to get more value from your services and products, you can leverage Salesforce with the help of Salesforce platinum partners to:

  • Efficiently collect and analyze data and make better use of it by creating and following a data-first strategy.
  • Stay in touch with customers even after you’ve made your sale. This will help you to anticipate their needs, understand them better, and provide them with any service or support if needed.
  • Identify those potential customers who are still on the fence about making a purchase and re-engage with them to gain their trust and increase the chances of closing a deal.
  • Personalize your marketing approaches by segmenting email lists based on different interests and demographics. You can reach out to each segment with personalized content and offers that are more relatable to customers’ interests and requirements.
  • Work on tailoring and running a customer loyalty program through which you can achieve customer satisfaction. This will help you keep your brand always on the top of your customer’s minds.
  • Leverage features backed by technologies like AI to build customer-first experiences. This will give your brand a competitive edge by getting you more customer attention and improving your marketing results.

Improve Marketing with a Trusted Salesforce Consultant in the USA

During these tough times of economic downturn, it might tempt you to pause your business innovation for a while as it might be getting expensive. But that’s not a way to ensure long-term success. Instead, you can leverage the power of Salesforce and mold your existing strategies in a way that could be cost-effective and also bring you the desired results.

Companies that would focus more on transforming their business using innovative ways instead of shutting down operations and laying off employees are more likely to sustain through these times and would tend to grow faster when the economy takes a high turn. All you need is a reliable Salesforce consultant in the USA who can guide you through Salesforce usage so you can use the platform in a way that helps your business to grow exponentially.

With our team of trusted and experienced Salesforce professionals at 360 Degree Cloud, you can always have the surety of getting the needed support even when the times get rough. We’ll help you by implementing a customized Salesforce solution and providing features that could enhance your marketing efforts and bring better results than ever. We’ll help you transform your marketing approaches, enabling you to get better returns than before and sustain confidently even during the economic downturn.

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