What a Day in the Life of an AWS Solutions Architect Looks Like

What a Day in the Life of an AWS Solutions Architect Looks Like


AWS is the acronym for Amazon Web Services. Cloud Computing is basically dominated by two major areas that are Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Out of these two, AWS has a larger and more profitable market share. The market share of AWS is constantly increasing. Approximately, AWS has a 47.1% share in the Cloud Computing market. “Amazon Web Services” is considered the biggest cloud computing service provider all over the globe. Mostly, all jobs of AWS provide profitable salaries to the candidates and enhance their career paths. The candidates also get numerous benefits from the AWS certification. The following certification opens doors for the candidates for high-paying jobs such as AWS architect and many more.

Numerous large-scale and small-scale companies are looking forward to recruiting AWS and Cloud Computing professionals who have a lot of expertise in their respective fields. According to the report on LinkedIn, “cloud and distributed computing” held the top rank in the list of sought-after export in the years 2016 and 2017. According to the report of Dice, the job listings for the cloud platform have increased to a great extent, and the following has increased by 76% between the years 2015 and 2016. The AWS certification is well known for its high-paying jobs. The jobs provided to the individuals on the basis of this certification pay them approximately 100,000 USD per year.

The AWS-certified candidates should know that working in the designation of an AWS solutions architect requires proper use of skills and experience in order to improve the modern cloud-based solutions as well as migrate present workloads to the cloud. The job of an AWS solutions architect is never easy. There is a lot more to the job after completing the training and getting the job. The platform of the AWS cloud empowers a large number of businesses in more than 190 countries. The average annual salary of the AWS solutions architect is around 126,000 USD everywhere. The candidates who achieve the following certification get a proper understanding of the fundamentals of the architectural methodologies of AWS along with its services.

The candidates having the AWS Certification have proper knowledge regarding designing, building strategies and scaling the cloud implementations of AWS by making use of the best concepts and methodologies recommended by Amazon.

The duties throughout the day:

Customer and Sales Executive professional bonds an AWS Solutions Architect, the job of the candidates is to architect solutions. Hence, the maximum time of their day will be spent fulfilling the demands of customers and sales. They also have to attend in-person or conference meetings, which would give them an overview of the needs of the customers. The following depends on the organization the candidate works for and what the role of the candidate is. Mostly AWS solutions lay more emphasis on products rather than customers.

  1. Finding Solutions:

As discussed earlier, the main part of the job of the candidates will be coming up with innovative solutions to fulfill the needs of the customers, along with the business goals. Devil also has to innovate technical solutions as well as pre-sales deliverables in order to encourage the requirements of the customers. This means some part of the day will be spent on problem-solving and fulfilling customer requirements. As the Solutions architects, candidates will have to build solution strategies and provide guidance on the best practices of AWS architecture. Candidates will also have to evaluate the expenses and verify the cost control mechanisms. Their work is also to choose the correct AWS service on the basis of data, compute security demands, or database.

  1. Variety:

There are a lot of tasks that the AWS solutions architect needs to fulfill. They have to spend a major part of the day checking the existing surroundings or building strategies for the new ones. The work of the candidate whether that it is attending meetings or traveling Depends on both their organization and designation. The candidates can also get work writing scripts on migrations, troubleshooting, or coping with new principles and features of AWS.

  1. Time management:

Apart from all the varieties of work all over the day, the candidates need to have excellent time management expertise. Building proper strategies for the entire day, prioritizing time on various projects, time management according to the tasks will also become part of the day of AWS Solutions Architect.

  1. Staying current:

AWS is also regularly evolving like any other technology. This states that a major part of the candidate’s day will also be spent on the learning and researching new and modern services launched by AWS. The candidates will also have to be engaged in the best practices in order to develop AWS solutions. An AWS Solutions Architect will also have to acquire extra training in order to stay updated with the recent upgrades and solutions.

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