How to improve communication & increase collaboration with a cloud phone?

How to improve communication & increase collaboration with a cloud phone?

Communication is the most important aspect of any business. Poor communication and collaboration between employees, executives, and customers lead to workplace and business failures. 

In contrast, business teams with effective communication and collaboration can increase productivity by (up to) 25%, according to Pumble.

Traditional phone systems have been the principal element of communications between businesses, customers, and collaborators. However, they are growing obsolete with time and new innovative technologies emerging in business communications.

How do you improve communications and increase collaborations at present? The only way to do so is to incorporate a cloud phone system into your business. 

This article explains (illustrates) how you can improve communications and increase collaborations with a cloud phone. Stick till the end to find out how to make the most out of a cloud phone.

Let us dive straight into the details:

1. IVRS: Manage all inbound calls with ease

One of the important and essential features of any cloud phone system is its interactive voice response system. IVRS allows you to automate every inbound call effortlessly, directing calls to the target department for an effortless customer experience.

It supersedes human receptionists with a more efficient and effective virtual receptionist, lessening drop call rates and enhancing the overall customer experience. 

You can program the IVR system to conform to your business model and company structure and even manipulate the program whenever necessary. This flexibility of IVR improves your business communications with your customers and other prospects. 

The additional pleasing aspect of an IVR – every inbound call to your business gets addressed in real-time with utmost effectiveness, enhancing customer communication/satisfaction. 

2. Central Administrator Portal: manage all facets from a single portal

Central Administrator Portal is another crucial element of the cloud phone which helps businesses’ administrators manage various facets from a single portal.

Business administrators don’t need to depend on the service providers to manipulate settings, add and remove users, plan and design call flows, augment permissions, assemble collaboration platforms, and more. 

Administrators gain the upper hand in managing business operations and customer surveillance, which simplifies administrator tasks via a single portal and facilitates (phone system) adjustments whenever needed. 

Administrators can adjust the cloud phone setting (as much) to facilitate effective communications between the involved parties.

“Complete authority over your phone system via a single portal.”

3. App Integrations: with Other Software Platforms

Cloud phone systems are extremely compatible with third-party applications or software, allowing businesses to utilize their existing software and integrate them with the cloud phone systems. 

Various software or apps like CRM, help desk, email exchanges, instant messaging systems, and eCommerce easily integrate with cloud phone systems, enhancing the business capabilities, boosting employee productivity, and fostering seamless customer communication.

Your business can combine cloud phone features with other apps to improve communication qualities with diverse communication mediums like voice calls, instant messages, emails, video conferences, file sharing, group chats, etc. 

Integration of third-party software complements the lagging features of cloud phone to make it a complete customer communication solution and a collaboration platform for numerous business prospects and partners. 

4. Softphone technology: multiple synchronized devices

The Cloud phone system is a cutting-edge technology that elevates above traditional communication systems and is superior to conventional telephone systems in every way possible. 

Cloud phone facilities are not limited to dedicated physical phone systems. Instead, it allows multiple device connections with a single virtual phone number, allowing user communications through multiple synchronized devices. 

A cloud phone system is a dynamic solution that requires a proper internet connection and a smart device to host the cloud phone application. 

You are free to use the device (of your choice) to make calls from anywhere and everywhere to obtain the same efficiency and productivity momentum. 

The best part of using a cloud phone system is that all of your business communications and collaborations will be logged and synchronized across multiple devices. 

This feature is practical and incredibly valuable to your employees since they can track the situations and performances of past activities and pick up where they left off.

It eliminates the rigorous and reprising tasks of the employees and, in turn, improves your business communications and collaborations alongside exceptional employee and user experience. 

5. Work Decentralization: Master Remote Working

Cloud phones are the epitome of work decentralization. Since employees aren’t glued to their on-premise workstations, your business can recruit remote workers or (even) third parties to work on a project from throughout the globe and be equally effective. 

Cloud phone guarantees a smooth communication and collaboration platform that businesses can (use to) collaborate with other companies or project managers and freelancers. It helps your business load off some portion of work pressure and earn revenues simultaneously.

Your business can relish various cloud phone system features to communicate with remote employees and collaborate with other parties effectively to reach business goals with considerably low investments.  

Specific features like video calls and file-sharing have contributed massively to mastering remote working and decentralizing work. Integration of third-party software to track employees’ progress aids the cause by propelling employee productivity to another level. 

Cloud phones with some other app integrations have made it possible for businesses to achieve seamless customer communications and expand collaborations simultaneously.

6. Effective Collaboration: Group calls and chats

Cloud phone provides a platform for group calls and chats where participants can engage in planning, discussion, collaboration, data and information sharing, and more. 

Participation in group calls and chats is possible for a large group of people despite their geographical diversity and device preferences.

These communications are real-time, synchronized, and effective for people residing worldwide but a part of a single organization. 

A moderator can easily organize and manage real-time group voice calls, including file sharing, live presentations, and private and public chats. This approach is perfect for effective meetings, employee communications, business collaborations, and customer communications. 

This method of communication is the best alternative for physical meetings since it helps you save time and money at a considerable rate. 

For instance, you need to travel, food, and accommodation for physical meetings, which take time and money. Group chats and calls deliver the same output with lesser effort, time and money. 

7. Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing

As mentioned earlier, group chat and calls can massively improve business communications and collaborations, but video conferencing strikes differently and has a greater impact on communications and teamwork. 

Video calls or conferences are real-time and assert the virtual presence of the attendants, resulting in active participation and indulgence in the conversations. A high-resolution video conference with HD audio is paramount to virtual business communications. 

A cloud phone guarantees a video conferencing platform with advanced features where a moderator can easily conduct and manage business communication and collaborations between various parties. 

Screen sharing is another aspect of a cloud phone system that can be essential to present a participant’s data and findings from the screen itself rather than sharing the file. 

It is better to share a screen than share a file because every participant can stay and focus on the subject to create synchronization, which might not be possible through file sharing. 

Video conferencing and screen sharing, up the level of group chats and calls, for customer communication (as well). Customer communication via video calls helps agents solve customer problems quickly as problem identification also accelerates simultaneously. 

Video conference is probably the best (form of) communication and collaboration since it delivers authenticity and realism in real-time. 

8. Call recording, transcription, and analytics

You cannot measure improvements in communication if you do not have a reference point. The Cloud phone system subtly addresses this problem and generates recommendations for enhancements. 

You can record your communications for future use, analysis, and information extraction. These recorded communications are easily transcripted for documentation and further research. 

Cloud phones use AIs to track patterns in conversations and devise recommendations based on those patterns. It automatically urges the use of extracted information in future discussions for better effectiveness and significance. 

Businesses can leverage the recording and analytics of the cloud phone to create pre-formatted transcripts to use during conversations with customers, use recommendations for better customer engagement, and attract more prospects into the business. 

Cloud phone not only improves communication and increases collaborations but also renders recommendations and strategies to engage more customers, create larger sales funnels, and generate bigger revenues. 

Bottom line: Improve communication & increase collaboration with a cloud phone.

A cloud phone is an exceptional communication technology that helps businesses deliver optimal communication experiences to their customers and other prospects. 

Businesses can easily master remote working and decentralize work to cut down investment costs but provide seamless communication and collaboration experiences to employees, partners, and customers.

Collaborations between partakers become effective and more indulging through an omnichannel experience (if the cloud phone has one). At the same time, users can leverage AI-generated scripts for better customer engagements and sales projects. 

Basically, the cloud phone includes several in-built features that facilitate the automatic improvement of communication and increments collaboration. Integrations come to the rescue if the in-built features do not meet communication requirements. 



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