An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that is used to encrypt the data being transmitted between your browser and the website you are visiting. It protects your online transactions from third parties and ensures that all of your sensitive data remains private. The Public key Infrastructure (PKI) is an infrastructure that provides digital certificates to individuals and organizations. It allows them to create, manage, store and revoke digital certificates in a secure manner.

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Why do I need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security to protect users’ personal information when they’re browsing through websites, shopping online, or conducting financial transactions online. An SSL certificate will also help protect against phishing scams by ensuring that only secure websites are accessible.

What are the benefits of a certificate?

An SSL certificate provides users with a way to identify secure websites and help protect their personal information, such as social security numbers or credit card numbers, from phishing scams. A website with an SSL certificate is green and has a lock symbol on the address bar.


The following are types of SSL certificates:

Domain Validated (DV) certificates:

The most popular type of SSL certificate is Domain Validated (DV) certificates which is issued after verifying the domain name ownership with the registrar or any best hosting company. Verifying ownership of a domain name is done by owner verification, which means that the SSL certificate issuer (the company providing the SSL certificates) will contact their own database to verify that the domain name has been registered with them. The company then only issues certification for domains for which they have verification of ownership. The registration process and DV validation can be quite lengthy and time-consuming.

Benefit: The primary benefit of DV certificates is that they give assurance to the issuing company that you are indeed who you say you are and that your company has a legitimate business.

Extended Validation (EV SSL) and Organization Validated (OV SSL) certificates:

Extended Validation (EV SSL) and Organization Validated (OV SSL) certificates have become the most popular types of digital certificates. They are also the most costly. However, Domain Validated (DV SSL) certificates are less expensive and easier to get.

Benefits: The following are advantages of the EV SSL certificate:

  • It’s more difficult to spoof and impersonate someone who uses an EV SSL certificate. An EV SSL certificate proves that a website is using encryption.
  • It’s harder for hackers to break into web servers using an EV SSL than a DV SSL.-EV certs can keep you safe

How do I enable SSL?

There are two ways to enable SSL on your website:

Self-signed certificates: Self-signed certificates are free, but they don’t provide any credibility and will not be accepted by any major browsers. If you have a server and you’re the only one using it, self-signed certificates are the best option for you.

Trusted certificate authority. A trusted certificate authority is more expensive, but it provides a lot more security and credibility for your website, as well as ensuring that your site’s visitors have a secure connection to you. . If your website has multiple users or is hosted on a shared server with others using it too, then a trusted certificate authority will be necessary.


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