WhatsApp for Cart Recovery: The Abandoned Cart Recovery Hack No One Shared with You!

WhatsApp for Cart Recovery: The Abandoned Cart Recovery Hack No One Shared with You!

WhatsApp has quickly become one of our favorite ways to interact with friends and colleagues. However, it is now a conduit through which businesses can communicate with their customers. So, in this article, we’ll show you how to use WhatsApp cart recovery for Shopify stores, including the what, why, and how.

But why use WhatsApp to recover your cart? If you’re still unsure about WhatsApp and its indisputable significance today, consider that it has more than 2 billion users worldwide. And every day, 320 million active WhatsApp users send and receive between 40 and 45 billion messages. On a daily basis, these users spend 28 minutes on average on the app. Considering it’s only a chat app, this is significant.

WhatsApp is not like email or Facebook, where the majority of users log in to read their messages. Only because WhatsApp is a personal communication application does the WhatsApp cart recovery process function so well. A WhatsApp chat user uses the app throughout the day to keep in touch with their friends and family. As a result, a cart recovery message submitted through this platform is more likely to be seen.

You should use a funnel technique while working with WhatsApp. This starts with delivering mild warnings to clients who have abandoned their carts. Then you use customer purchasing psychology to persuade them to return to your store and complete the transaction.

The nudge happens first, followed by attention-getting material that gradually leads the customer back to their cart. Not sure what we’re talking about? Let us go over it in greater detail.

The Real Hack = Creating Meaningful Conversations

Whatso WooCommerce cart Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin will send a WhatsApp message reminder to these users so that they can visit back your store and then complete the payment for the order. When holding a confidential discussion on WhatsApp, anyone can send a simple text. However, in order to run a business efficiently, you’ll need a WhatsApp chatbot to assist you in communicating with customers. This will assist you in developing a step-by-step strategy for communicating with cart abandoners and other consumers, nurturing them at each stage in the process of bringing them back to your store. All of this may be done without having to sit down and manually send messages.

With this series of WhatsApp chatbots for cart recovery, we’ve cracked the code for hundreds of Shopify stores. However, feel free to modify and personalize our strategy to make it unique to you and your clients!

Gentle Reminders

Assume a customer has recently abandoned their shopping cart. During the buying stage, either something came up or something repulsed them. Your buyer is still in the buying mood, whatever the cause. No shopper simply adds items to their cart and walks away. However, you don’t want to send them a text right away because that would be too desperate. Being overly nosy could easily drive the consumer away.

Instead, give them 15 minutes before sending a friendly reminder. Although the customer has left your Shopify store, he or she is still in the purchasing zone. A simple nudge is all it takes to get them back in the cart.

Give Them a Reason!

Let’s say you gently reminded them, but you were unable to retrieve the abandoned cart. We must now go to the next phase.

A polite reminder isn’t enough at this point. Instead, you should give the customer a compelling reason to buy. Consider how an in-store salesperson persuades you to buy a product you’ve been eyeing by telling you everything there is to know about it. The materials utilized, the popularity, and other details about your pick that you’d like to know.

It’s time to put this strategy to the test after roughly 20 hours. Let’s pretend you sell eco-friendly, natural, and organic yoga mats. Send them an infographic that explains all of your product’s advantages. You may also send them a favorable review along with useful product information. Make them believe they made the right decision and that they should now make that buy as well!

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Fear Of Missing Out

It’s time to bring in some purchasing psychology if Step 2 didn’t work. Keep in mind that you’ve previously sent a friendly reminder and a product-related infographic. Even though the consumer is aware of the situation, he refuses to finish the transaction. That simply means they are unconcerned about the product and are not in a hurry to purchase it. In any case, if you don’t follow up, you risk losing them to a competitor.

Send a WhatsApp cart recovery message after 48 hours to build FOMO about your goods. The acronym FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.” According to research, 60% of consumers buy purchases because they are afraid of missing out. It’s a simple purchasing psychology method that you may use in your messaging by saying things like “Hurry up, just 2 pieces left” or “Lightning bargain ends in 2 hours.”

This causes the buyer to rush back to their cart since they don’t want to lose out on a nice price or a product. Since the consumer added the item to their cart, it is evident that they intended to purchase it. However, it is possible that it is passive in nature. FOMO is the nudge that prompts them to act more quickly. However, wait 48 hours before sending your message to ensure that it appears genuine.


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