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Top Marketing Strategies 2022

Top Marketing Strategies 2022

Direct mail marketing is increasingly effective in today’s digital age. However, direct mail can be scary. Direct mail can be difficult to evaluate, the creative cannot be created in Canva, as well as being more expensive than digital outreach. Not at first glance. Once you begin to examine the return on your investment, direct mail is twice as effective at eliciting a response as digital approaches.

Direct mail marketing campaigns are very efficient and time-saving. However, manually deploying direct mail can be difficult because of the many moving parts involved, including pricing, shipping, and packaging. You can still benefit from a well-designed and executed direct mail marketing campaign if you do your research and use a planned approach.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Ideas & Examples

Inspiring campaign concepts will result in a high response rate and a higher ROI. There are many ways to reach contacts. The idea send can be different for every campaign. You might include clever, practical items that are related to your campaign’s theme; interesting experience items (like Spotify gift cards or Audible gift cards), that will improve your daily life; playful mailers or decals to add a playful touch; or delicious treats that can be enjoyed in a spur of the moment. These “out-of-the-box” items can be part of a thoughtful campaign and provide memorable experiences for your recipients.

How to personalize direct mail marketing campaigns

Personalization is a powerful value proposition in direct mail marketing. Personalization establishes a personal relationship with the recipient, which is far more powerful than a simple piece of swag. While personalization takes time to implement, it is worth the effort.

Brands that offer more personalization are more trustworthy and customers who have received some of it prefer them. They also tend to make higher investments in brands. Personalization can begin with a personalized handwritten note that demonstrates your research. It can also continue with thoughtfully packaged gifts that are personal and meaningful to the recipient. This type of customization requires more research, but the benefits in terms of customer acquisition and retention far exceed the time required.


What you need to send successful direct mail

There are many ways to send a successful direct mail campaign. However, there are some key elements that make it stand out.

Defined Audience

Before you can create a successful campaign you need to identify who your campaign is targeted at and ensure that they are ready and willing to accept your offer. This is a crucial first step that will ensure your campaign delivers excellent results. It also saves you time and money by focusing on specific clients for the right factors.

Call to action

To accept your offer, recipients must be able to understand what you are asking and how to reply. A compelling Call to Action (CTA), can make your campaign more successful. It should be simple to follow with clear instructions, deadlines and expected outcomes.

Tested Approach

A clearly defined customer profile is strengthened when you use testing to support your marketing. Sending data about the entire send to a few test recipients can allow you to extrapolate it. This will allow you to identify areas where your procedure needs strengthening. This is why greater cities that have a greater number of customers need more testing.

Tracking should be part of your testing strategy. This will allow you to identify data points from responses, such as discount codes. Access to data is possible with a little extra work. This can help you improve your sending campaigns, both now and in future.

Sending Platform

Direct mail marketing can be automated, and the manual part of direct mail marketing can almost disappear with the help of a platform. Automating the process allows teams to focus on their strengths rather than manually tracking, sending and inventorying mail. A sending platform can automatically monitor ROI and report it to you, which will allow for better budgeting and campaign management.

Direct mail marketing works for you

This overview will give you the information and techniques to create, track and send engaging campaigns. It will help you stand out in a crowded digital marketplace and increase your return on investment.


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